Plumbing Logos Strategies for Plumbers Guide: Secrets of Outranking the Competition Revealed

Build a unique brand identity, starting with custom plumbing logos that you can easily use and outrank the competition.

A plumbing company logo is the foundation of your brand identity. Brand identity is comprised of visual elements of your plumber brand, such as design, color, and logo that distinguish and identify your business in the minds of your prospects or clients.

A memorable, unique plumbing business logo design operates as an effective tool for building your brand. That’s where our plumbing logo design services make sure that we convert your ideas into a great logo.

I think we can all agree that generic plumbing logos are easy to forget, and then there will be unique logos that we will always remember (even without the plumbing brand’s name attached).

Create a great plumbing business logo that your prospects or clients will love.

But what aspect of a logo makes it easily recognizable? What is it about the logo design that can elicit a memory or even a particular mention?

If you are in the process of creating a logo for your plumbing company, then you are in a great position to make a powerful statement on how clients perceive your brand. Remember that everything you say, do and showcase as part of your new or existing plumbing business will tell your potential clients more about your plumbing company’s identity. It is important to make sure that from the onset you display a clear and cohesive statement regarding your brand’s message.

And while a logo might seem simple to build, designing a great plumbing company logo isn’t easy. It involves a lot of comprehensive marketing, a clear understanding of your buyer personas, and paying attention to the principles of plumbing logo design. Often, designers will come up with numerous iterations of a single logo before getting it perfectly done.

So, where do you even start to design a plumbing company logo? This post has provided a step-by-step explanation of how can create a great plumbing business logo that your prospects or clients will love.

What Layouts Work Perfectly for Plumbing Logos?

A logo is an image that reflects your plumbing business.

A logo is an image that reflects your plumbing business. But do you that there are 7 various types of plumbing logos?

Although they are all a blend of images and typography, each type of plumbing company logo gives your company a different feel. And because your logo is the initial thing new clients will see, you want to ensure you get it right and for the first time. Want to select the best plumbing logo layout or type for your plumbing company? Here are the 7 types of logos you need to know:

Monogram Plumbing Logos

The initials of a few plumbing businesses that have lengthy names.

Monogram logos otherwise known as the letter marks are plumbing company logos that are comprised of letters only, normally the brand initials such as CNN, IBM, and HP. They are the initials of a few plumbing businesses that have lengthy names. They are typography-based logos that are normally comprised of company name initials, and plumbers love them because of their simplicity.


A wordmark is a font-based plumbing logo that focuses on a company’s name alone.

Just like monogram logos, a wordmark is a font-based plumbing logo that focuses on a company’s name alone. Think of Coca-Cola and Visa as perfect examples of this kind of logo. Wordmark logos work perfectly when a business has a distinct and succinct name. Google is another example of this logotype. The name is memorable and catchy itself, when combined with vibrant typography, this kind of logo helps to establish a strong plumbing brand recognition.

Pictorial Marks

A simple logo layout can convey sophistication and elegance.

A pictorial mark (otherwise known as a logo symbol or brand mark) is a graphic-based or icon plumbing logo. It is typically the image that comes to mind when you think about; the iconic Twitter bird or Apple logo. This kind of logo is ideal for plumbing businesses that don’t have strong brand recognition.

Other types of logo layouts include the abstract, the emblem, combination marks, mascots, and more. You want your plumbing logo design to outrank the competition. It should tell your competitors, fans, audience, and customers that you are serious about your plumbing business. There is no answer for what layout your plumbing company logo should have-but it is crucial that you know the type of message you want to pass with your logo. A simple logo layout can convey sophistication and elegance, while a dynamic layout can imply adventure or fun. So, make sure that you research various plumbing logos, analyzing their design themes, fonts, and color choices.

Why does your business need a well-designed plumbing logo?

The function of a logo is to identify your plumbing business.

The function of a logo is to identify your plumbing business. Figure it out as your country’s flag. Each element within the flag has its purpose and meaning. The emotions the flag elicits courtesy of these elements become a shortcut for describing that country.

Plumbing logos do more than just identify your company. Here are some reasons why your company logo is crucial.

  • Makes a Great First Impression

The first thing prospects or clients notice about a brand is its logo.

Generally, the first thing prospects or clients notice about a brand is its logo. It is on the website, social media pages, and all advertisements. The logo is also an integral part of any business card and promotional material you give out.

A poorly-designed or weak logo sends clients a message that whoever owns the plumbing company is not serious. That’s not the kind of initial impression your plumbing business wants to make.

  • Plumbing Company Logos Increase Recognition

Picture-based plumber logo

Customers normally spend a few seconds deciding which plumbing contractor they want to hire. Your plumbing business should be able to capture a client’s attention during that short timeframe.

Picture-based plumber logos tend to be more memorable. Why? Human minds process images faster than text since they “read” them as a whole instead of a sequential pattern.

  • Shows Your Professionalism

Plumbing business owner

There are thousands of plumbing businesses operating in the United States. Most of them are small, family-operated, local companies.

To stay ahead of the curve, you need to have a professional plumbing company logo. It shows that you are committed to the business by investing the energy, money, and time it takes to develop a unique logo.

  • A Plumbing Logo Forms the Foundation of Your Brand Identity

A well-designed logo creates a strong brand identity.

For branding to be successful and sustainable, it should sell a plumbing company by bringing forth a story that would have a significant impact on clients’ emotions.

Although plumbing logo design is not the only aspect that constitutes a company’s brand, it’s the foundation on which the story of the whole business is constructed.

Other elements like colors, fonts, and tone, that paint the overview of the brand are created on a logo. Consumers normally consider your plumbing logo a crucial symbol of trust in your marketing materials, business cards, landing pages, and more. A well-designed logo creates a strong brand identity.

  • Helps Your Business Stand Out from the Competition

Stand Out from the Competition

A good plumbing company logo makes your business stay ahead of the curve and draws attention. It tells prospects what you do, who you are, and how that can benefit them. It communicates to potential clients with no previous experience or knowledge of your company that you do exceptional work.

Brand Loyalty

A plumber earns brand loyalty through continuously delivering quality services, undivided focus on customer service and experience, and consistency in all aspects. It takes some time and effort to boost your brand loyalty, which eventually offers you returning customers.

Your logo plays an important role in evoking this allegiance in the minds of your followers. It acts as a familiar symbol that conveys accessibility, quality services, and trustworthiness. Clients will be drawn to your office because of your logo each time they are in the market to book the plumbing services that you offer.

So, having a plumbing business logo should be one of your top priorities, as it is important for your company’s success.

  • Plumbing Logos Help to Attract Target Clients

Attracting your audience’s attention amongst other plumbers online.

One of the company’s objectives is to acquire more and more clients through aggressive plumbing marketing strategies. Your logo shows up prominently on advertisement collaterals and forms the basis of every plumbing marketing campaign to attract the right target clients.

A well-designed plumbing logo that aligns with your business needs can do wonders for captivating the particular customer demographic and attracting your audience’s attention amongst other plumbers online.

What Are the 6 Elements of Good Plumbing  Logos?

Elements of Good Plumbing Logos

While any logo is better than having none, you want your graphical representation to be as efficient as possible when it comes to growing your plumbing business. A good plumbing logo is versatile, memorable, succinct, and related to your plumbing company. Here are the features you can expect to find in a great plumbing company logo:


A simple plumbing logo design.

Many of the most successful and impactful logos in history are generally simple. From Apple’s design to Nike’s swoosh, simple logos are easy to remember and recognize. Simplicity is a major ingredient for logos since most clients only focus on a logo for a short time. A simple plumbing logo design can showcase your brand’s personality effectively and concisely.

Simple logos focus on displaying the most essential parts of a brand’s personality with the limited estate. This includes focusing more on various aspects such as fonts and colors as well as distilling ideas in the simplest form. Simple plumbing logos are the one’s prospects or clients can recognize as soon as they come across them. The simplest logos are the ones that people tend to remember most.


Symbols are crucial aspects of a logo

The first feature great plumbing business logos share is that they are relevant to the market their businesses target. Most importantly, they communicate clearly a brand’s identity and personality. A fundamental component is the use of colors in your business logo, which can trigger various emotions and showcase your brand’s personality to clients.

The second crucial component is the font utilized in the plumbing logo. Fonts help to convey your brand’s values and tones, which ultimately help define your personality better.

Lastly, selecting the appropriate symbol is a key aspect of developing a visual anchor for your logo. Symbols are crucial aspects of a logo since they can be utilized by themselves as a simple version of your plumbing logo. Symbols are also crucial when establishing connections between your plumbing brand and the values and ideas behind it.


Another key feature of a good plumbing logo is that it is memorable.

Another key feature of a good plumbing logo is that it is memorable, even from the initial time you see it. The primary goal of a logo is to establish a connection with a client and generate interest in your plumbing brand. When clients can easily remember your brand and logo, they are likely to connect them with your business. Plumbing logos that are easy to recall and produce a valuable impact because they assist your brand stick in the minds of your customers.

Memorable logos combine various elements we have discussed above, but they must have the right balance between the textual and visual aspects. Most importantly, they cohesively and clearly communicate your brand’s tone and personality. Lastly, a memorable logo should always try to be unique.


Timeless plumbing logos focus more on quality over quantity.

The best plumber logos stay ahead of the curve since they remain effective and relevant over the years. It is always tempting when you create your logo that incorporates current design fads and trends, but this is not always the best decision.

These plumbing logos may look good for now, but will probably require to be redesigned later to keep it current. Besides, a timeless plumbing logo is one that will remain relevant and connect with users regardless of when it is being utilized.

Timeless plumbing logos focus more on quality over quantity, eliminating numerous unnecessary elements and ideas and focusing on what works. Another important feature of timeless logos is that they keep colors basic and simple, ignoring massive palettes and gradients in favor of more unique and selective colors.


A good logo is versatile.

Because your logo appears on all your online and physical marketing materials, it must be scalable. Scalability helps your logo to be reduced or increased in size without losing its authentic message. Thus, a good logo is versatile to be applied on different mediums without losing its original captivating power.


A good plumbing company logo can be utilized in various ways, situations, and shapes.

Lastly, a good plumbing company logo can be utilized in various ways, situations, and shapes. For instance, a logo you can only utilize in one size online is not very recommended, as it restricts the way you display your brand to the world. On the flip side, choosing a plumbing logo that can be placed, printed, or resized on multiple media makes your brand significantly more visible.

Even the best-looking plumber logos are not good if they become unrecognizable or illegible when you reduce them for packaging or become distorted when you mount them on a billboard. One of the best ways to make your business logo more versatile is to figure out the format you use and save it.

Successful Examples of Plumbing Logos

What traits sum up your plumbing business?

You will be writing about these traits on your website and want to display them off to prospects in each plumbing job you take on, but consider including them in your company logo too.

Check out these plumbing company logos to see how each communicates its brand values and personalities:

You will come to appreciate that the best plumbing logos use straightforward designs, mainly depending on grey, black, red, and blue to create a connection to their plumbing services.

As you peruse these logo designs, figure out how you can utilize similar elements as well to stand out from the competition. Maybe you can use unique abstract, typography, or a pop color such as purple to stand out from the competition.

No matter your choice, your plumbing logo is a major aspect of the brand identity, so take your time to research and plan for it. Designing your plumbing logo should not be the last step when launching a new business. If you are still overwhelmed by the process of designing a logo for your company, schedule a free strategy session with our experienced logo designers for assistance today.

Color Psychology in Plumbing Logos

Color is a vital component of plumbing logo design.

Color is a vital component of plumbing logo design since they are directly related to your business, services, or brand. Different colors evoke various emotions and associations with clients – so you must pick color schemes that represent your brand’s spirit.

If you are coming up with plumbing logo ideas, we highly recommend that you spend some time figuring out the colors you want to use. Besides, you will want to consider how such colors will appear in other contexts, like your plumbing business website and marketing collaterals such as business cards and flyers.

Research has found that color association can affect a person’s memory so remember that when assembling your logo. Many plumbing companies have leveraged this effect and have applied colors in their logo designs that are as unforgettable as the brand or logo itself.

Here are some general color associations that can help you pick the best color for your upcoming plumbing marketing logo:

  • Black: Neutral, formality, serious, tradition, classic, calm
  • Green: Money, freshness, health, growth, luck, natural
  • Blue: Trust, comfort, strength, authority, calm, confidence
  • Orange: Excitement, cheerful, fun, friendship
  • White: Cleanliness, safety, peace, refined

Whatever you are figuring about a plumbing business logo, ensure it is a flexible logo that appears great in multiple settings in both large and small sizes. Also, you need to ensure that your logo is distinct even if it is in plain white and black colors.

Plumbing logo design Ideas: Tips to create the perfect logo for your company

Plumbing logo design Ideas

Designing a logo for your plumbing business can be an uphill and intimidating process. From selecting shapes, fonts, and colors to conducting market research, there are a lot of factors involved. To assist you through this process and develop a standout identity for your plumbing business – we asked our branding specialists for their best plumbing logo design tactics. Keep reading for inspiration!

Understanding Your Target Audience

A plumbing logo should resonate with the target audience.

A plumbing logo should not only reflect the business for which it stands; it should resonate with the target audience too. If your target audience is middle-aged homeowners, then your business logo should be designed to appeal to them.

Understanding your value and meaning to prospects and clients can help you pinpoint what look you want to attain based on what you stand for. If you are still on the fence, ask yourself what makes your business better than the competitors; better still, ask your clients.

Depending on your plumbing services, your competitive advantage might be precision, attention to detail, superior craftsmanship, or any other features. The kind of plumbing logo you select should be essential to your prospects and clients, not exclusively to you.

Understand Your Plumbing Brand

All great plumbing logos need to reflect the business that they represent.

All great plumbing logos need to reflect the business that they represent. When a prospect sees your logo, they should understand what your company does, have a fundamental impression of the brand-specific qualities, and perhaps even start to make an emotional connection with your business. To make your plumbing company logo or help your graphic designer to create the best logo for you, you will need to have a basic understanding of what the plumbing company logo should convey and share that with your logo designer.

Before you search online for other plumbers’ logos for inspiration, we highly recommend that you focus on the authentic identity of your business. That way, you are not persuaded by how people have presented their brand. You are more likely to develop something that fits your requirements instead of something that appears interesting but doesn’t say much about your business.

To begin, think about the basics of your business. You are a plumber, so the logo should communicate that. Are there other specialties or services that your plumbing business logo should convey? You might want the logo to suggest that you are a residential or commercial plumber. You might also want to tell your prospects or clients that you offer drain clearing or toilet repair services. On the flip side, your services may not be so important that they require to be included in your logo. If other plumbing services are strong differentiators from the competition, you may find it worth including them as well.

Next, you may want to generate a list of traits that you want prospects or clients to associate with our brand. You can create a list of three or so most crucial things people should remember when they think about your plumbing brand.

Here are some characteristics that plumbing companies may benefit from being associated with:

  • Reliable
  • High-quality
  • Honest
  • Experienced
  • Dedicated
  • Friendly
  • Detail oriented
  • Skilled and more

If you don’t see your ideal traits on the list, that’s a great thing. Having unique associations can help you stand out from other plumbing companies.

Ensure Scalability

Plumbing logos are meant to represent your business on various platforms.

Plumbing logos are meant to represent your business on various platforms-in print, on your social media pages, on your website, and across the internet as your company grows. As a plumber, you want a logo that can be blown up for a billboard but can also be reduced for screening on the side of a pen. Every part of your logo should be legible, no matter the size of your logo.

Ensure Readability

Your text or symbols must be easily readable.

Your plumbing logo will be used in all your branding collaterals, from your business cards to the header of your website. Regardless of where your logo shows up, your text or symbols must be easily readable. To achieve this, take note of the text font and size that you use and check the final results on various platforms (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook amongst others) and from multiple devices (tablet, smartphone, desktop, etc.)

If your logo is too hard to read, what is the point of creating it in the first place? In order for your plumbing business logo to serve its intended purpose, ensure that it is readable in all situations, for any potential client.

Pick the Right Font

Font style

The font is a crucial consideration to remember when designing a plumbing business logo. It can reflect professionalism and personality as the image itself. Trends have also come up concerning what prospects or clients expect to see. According to a recent study, more than 70% of logos for Fortune 500 companies use Sans serif fonts, including typefaces such as Proxima and Helvetica. They are known for their legibility and clarity.

You can apply A/B tests, research groups, and similar strategies to see which styles and fonts your target market reacts to the best. Some of the advantages of using the right font include:

  • Making your brand message clear
  • Further showcase your story, values, and personality
  • Complementing your image

Know Your Competition Before You Start

Check how your competitors have branded themselves.

Now that you have some idea of what you would want your plumbing brand to look like, we highly recommend that you check how your competitors have branded themselves. Look at different plumbing company logos in your service area or outside in case you wish to expand your business in the future.

Are there similar colors, objects, or themes? It is advisable to avoid following those trends or selecting any design features or elements that appear too much like your competitors. Otherwise, it will be difficult to stand out and have a huge share in the market in which you already have a presence.

That’s not to mean that because several plumbers in your service area have a pipe in their logo, you cannot also have one. Your plumbing logo design agency or simply a designer can select a unique shape, color, text, and style for your logo to help it stand out even if they all have a common element.

In fact, they may want to utilize local architecture to inspire a different take on your logo. Having your plumbing logo resemble common plumbing styles in the service area will make it more appealing and recognizable.

Should Your Logo Be Images, Text, or Both?

You may require a horizontal or vertical version of your plumbing logo.

Some plumbing logos are only the brand name, stylized, such as Google. Others are only an image with no text, like Twitter. You can select either or design a plumbing logo that combines your company name, image, and tagline. Most plumbing logo designers will give you different variations of the logo for different purposes. They provide versions with only graphics or text, horizontal and vertical versions, and plumbing company logos that incorporate your slogan. Most of them provide badge versions that are standalone icons. Besides, there are other plumbing niche options that may include:

  • Backgrounds: They may also provide inverse, full-color, white and black versions of your plumbing company logo.
  • Styles: If your plumbing logo is complex, it may be beneficial to have a trimmed-down style or minimalist. Brandmarks, which represent your business without words, and letter marks, which are more like your brand’s initials, are good options if you require a simpler plumbing logo.
  • Orientation: You may require a horizontal or vertical version of your plumbing logo.
  • Frames: Many plumbing brands incorporate a framed version of their logo.

These are different plumbing company logos that can be utilized in various circumstances, such as on a pen, social media, or a uniform. Ensure that you discuss the different versions of your plumbing company logo the designer will develop before you agree to partner with them.

Be Memorable

Make your logo unforgettable in the minds of prospects or clients.

One of the best plumbing logo design tips we love to share is that you make your logo unforgettable in the minds of prospects or clients. You want clients to not only recognize your plumbing logo but remember it after a long time. Try to think of some plumbing logos that are specifically memorable to you. Why do they stand out? It is likely the positive association with the plumbing service that comes to their mind.

That said, you want prospects or clients to create meaningful and positive associations with your plumbing brand, and a great logo is just the way to achieve this. Some of the most notable and memorable logos like Apple, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s are direct, simple, and clearly represent your brand. If you remain true to your plumbing brand and create a logo that effectively conveys who you are, the easier it will be for prospects or clients to remember your logo and consider your brand.

Consider Your Tagline

Plumbing taglines can help to validate the value of your brand.

When used properly, plumbing taglines can help to validate the value of your brand and communicate more about the plumbing services you have to offer. For example, in the one used by Subway, descriptive taglines help offer a clear description of the value promised. In subway’s example, the brand illustrates the products they promise.

If you want to utilize a tagline, ensure that adds some taste to your logo. A tagline isn’t needed and should not be included if it doesn’t contribute to the overall brand message. Focus on illustrating the value you provide or the emotion you want to elicit. When used properly, a tagline:

  • Can complement your plumbing logo by assisting in further cement your brand message.
  • Can let clients understand what to expect from you by describing the services you offer.
  • Can build a positive association between your business and what you provide by illustrating your values.

However, utilizing a tagline that is too generic or doesn’t fit with what client’s experience can instantly create a bad impression of your brand, as clients realize that it may not be accurate.

Consider Negative Space

Negative space is an important element of your plumbing logo design.

Negative space is an important element of your plumbing logo design. While you will not be required to use negative space in all situations, there are some clear advantages to consider when you create your plumbing logo.

  • It displays your creativity: Negative space plumbing logo designs need a touch of creativity and balance, and such effort pays off when clients appreciate its whimsical nature. A funny design is an effective way to highlight your business’s ability to think outside the box and innovate.
  • It keeps your logo Simple: Instead of inserting more elements into your logo to increase depth, negative space helps you to work with what is already on the page without overcrowding the design. This way, you can build something unique, while keeping it all simple.
  • It makes your logo memorable: A creative logo is more memorable than one that feels generic and it can help your business to stand out. When you utilize negative space creatively, you can create a logo that gets prospects thinking and sticks to their mind.


The best plumbing logos remain memorable and relevant for many years. When using the commercial plumbing logo maker, utilize basic colors, symbols, and fonts that are simple and lack unnecessary logo design elements.

Pick a Symbol

Choosing the right symbol for a plumbing logo.

Choosing the right symbol for a plumbing logo will take some time. It requires to be something that conveys meaning with the symbol. While optional, symbols are an efficient way to instantly convey your plumbing brand’s offerings. Many vintage-style plumbing logos include images of tools, while some modern logos include architectural and abstract symbols. If you add a symbol, ensure that it suits your plumbing company, your branding collaterals, and the mediums you intend to use in your logo.

Be Wary of Trends

While it may seem tempting to design a plumbing logo based on the current trends, it will not last forever. Then it will be costly and necessary to update or revise the logo.

It may also confuse clients and create a barrier when it comes to brand recognition if your logo has to be entirely redone. While it is alright to make minor changes, it is challenging to completely rebrand it down the road.

But, throughout the years, has to make a few updates to modernize its plumbing brand. To avoid upsetting your clients, they had to take one decade to slowly change their logo.

Instead, select something that can withstand the test of time. Something that can last for one or two decades is a great plumbing logo to choose from.

Focus on Your Brand Message

Jot down phrases and keywords that mean something to the business.

Creating a plumbing logo that stands out amongst others is a major element. But it has to showcase trust. You should take your time to jot down phrases and keywords that mean something to the business. Understand exactly how the business should be thought of and then develop a symbol that best represents those meanings and words.


Font style

Many plumbers choose block-style, solid typography for their logos. Besides, most plumbing companies also go for a simple sans serif font that clients can read easily online and on the street. If your logo contains the business name and a few industry-related graphics, keep the lettering simple to make a strong impression and increase legibility. Help clients build confidence in your ability to keep the piping system for many years to come.

What are the options for your plumbing logo?

Weighing up your logo options. You can go with a pro, partner with a freelance logo designer, or do it on your own.

The global plumbing market is worth over $100 billion, which implies that there are many clients but lots of stiff competition.

Your customers want experienced plumbers, who provide affordable prices and guarantee peace of mind-something they expect from an above-average plumbing company. But they also make hiring decisions based on ‘gut feeling.’

The plumbing system is an expensive and crucial part of the home, and prospects want to hire plumbing companies they can trust. As a plumber, you need to identify ways to increase that level of trust, and one of the most effective ways to achieve that is through a professional plumbing company logo which makes you appear like the expert you are in the plumbing niche.

Fortunately, there are numerous options that can suit your goals and budget. These cover outsourcing to a freelancer, outsourcing an agency or creating the plumbing logo yourself.

Hire a Professional Plumbing Logo Design Agency

Hiring an agency to design your plumbing company logo.

Hiring an agency to design your plumbing company logo is synonymous with hiring a kitchen remodeler to upgrade your kitchen. Sure, it will be the most expensive option but it will definitely pay off in the long run.

In the case of your kitchen, you get a new cooking area that adds value to your home and looks incredible. And the case of your plumbing business logo, you will obtain a custom design that stands out and makes your company appear more trustworthy, not to mention the files you require to utilize in your new plumbing logo in any digital or print form with ease.

If you are just starting out a new plumbing business, this option may feel like out of reach, but we highly recommend that you talk to a few plumber logo design agencies to know about their prices and process.

At best you will obtain a good deal and snap up a professional plumbing logo on a budget. At worst you will understand the kind of features the professionals recommend so when you decide to create a logo you will have numerous ideas at your disposal.

Hire a Freelance Logo Designer

Freelancers are the handymen in the world of logo design.

Freelancers are the handymen in the world of logo design. They can do all kinds of work, as a jack of all trades, but they don’t have the same level of skill as a specialist.

This can be an inexpensive option for your plumbing business, particularly if you are just starting the business and want to keep your marketing expenses down. Fortunately, there are tons of marketplaces online where you can compare logo freelances and send messages to candidates requesting ideas and a quote.

Design a Plumbing Company Logo Yourself

Experimenting with a logo template can be a great first step.

If you are searching for a quick start with plumbing company logo design, then experimenting with a logo template can be a great first step. It can give you a starting point for your logo design which you can adapt and build. You can use various graphic design tools online like 99designs, Canva, Wix Logo maker, tailor brands, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plumbing Logos

Ensure that your logo is scalable.

What layout is perfect for plumbing logos?

You want your plumbing logo to stand out above the competition. Your logo should tell your competitors, fans, and target audience that you mean business. There is no definite answer for which layout is best for plumbing logos but always remember the kind of message you want to convey with your logo. A clean and simple layout can communicate sophistication and elegance, while a more dynamic layout can imply adventure or fun.

What are the three simple rules of a great plumbing logo design?

Here are our three golden rules that will help your plumbing company logo stand out from the rest either online or offline:

Ensure that your logo is scalable. Your plumbing logo should be scaled down or up without losing its effectiveness or identity.

Keep it plain and simple and don’t clutter it with too much information

Hire an experienced plumbing logo design agency to ensure superior results

What should you avoid in a plumbing logo?

There are some mistakes that you need to avoid when creating a plumbing company logo including but not restricted to:

  • Not conducting enough research.
  • Using generic image files.
  • Confusing your terminology.

Do Your Plumbing Logo Suck?

Now that you have gone through our tips for designing plumbing company logos that don’t suck. A plumbing logo can help improve brand recognition, keep you growing and drive business.

If you need help in creating a plumbing company logo that doesn’t suck, schedule a free strategy session with our talented and experienced logo designers to learn how our services can help your business outrank the competition.

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