Plumbing Classes Online: Are They Worth It?

Many believe getting a four-year college degree is the only way to financial independence. However, thanks to the unwanted high student loan debt and skyrocketing tuition fees, many Americans are now deciding to take a more economical, different path to financial success by pursuing plumbing courses online or attending conventional trade schools.

 For most Americans, the advantages of attending a plumbing trade school are apparent. The cost of attending a plumbing school is generally ten times less than attending a University in the U.S. Besides, and it usually takes anywhere from one to two years to get certification via a trade school. In contrast, most university students will spend four or five years to get a Bachelor’s degree.

The Top Seven Reasons To Take Plumbing Classes Online

Nowadays, more and more people are turning online to learn plumbing skills. Online plumbing classes are a great alternative to conventional trade schools, mainly if you can’t afford the money and time in-person plumber training. But are online plumbing courses worth the hype? Here are the real reasons why online plumbing training is preferable to attending a vocational school or a community college:

  • Online Plumbing Courses Can Be Easier on Your Wallet

The average high school graduate who went after a four-year college degree has over $30000 worth of student loans hanging over their head. That’s because most bachelor’s degrees cost over $100K, which doesn’t include laundry, dorm life, or expensive textbooks. But online plumbing training classes are less costly and help you get the head start you need to succeed in your career.

  • Convenience and Flexibility

Most students are juggling life/work balance besides their academic responsibilities. The appeal of online plumbing training for some is that they can learn at their own pace, right from home. For many plumbers, earning a certificate or license wouldn’t have been possible if they didn’t have the opportunity to learn plumbing online. Most students appreciate that they can learn plumbing while caring for their families at home. For many, online plumbing training is flexible.

Commuting can be overwhelming and costly whether you live in a suburb or a big city. Many online plumbing students report saving thousands of dollars on tolls, gas, or public transport when taking online classes. They also appreciate the time and stress it saved them. As someone who used to commute to class during college, it typically took two or three hours off my day and $30 in commuter costs every week.

One significant advantage of online plumbing classes is that you don’t have to choose between leaving your job and taking classes. You can continue your job during regular hours while furthering your plumbing education.

Are you an introvert? Do you find it uncomfortable to speak while in class? If so, you will appreciate the online plumbing discussion forums. Besides, you will be able to get close, personalized attention from your tutors instead of when attending a trade school.

What Will You Learn In a Typical Online Plumbing Class?

From expert to beginner level, online plumbing courses can give you the flexibility to learn this in-demand career anywhere on any device. An industry expert, Robert Keith, teaches each plumbing course and incorporates hours of video lessons, knowledge checks, and simulations to gauge your comprehension. Our online plumbing courses simplify the basic concepts and give troubleshooting at a pace that is easy to digest and learn. Here are some of the foundational online plumbing courses that you will learn at the Alpha Tradesmen Academy: 

How Do You Find a Suitable Plumbing Class Online? 

Remember, all online plumbing schools aren’t created equal. So, you need to do your research before registering with an online plumbing school. Here are some things you need to do before you sign up with an online plumbing school:

Get Advice

Contact a professional plumbing organization to see if they have a list of accredited online plumbing schools. They will often have a more informed and detailed view of whether or not a particular online trade school will offer you adequate experience.

Conduct Your Research

Make sure that your preferred online plumbing school is accredited. The U.S. Department of Education can be a valuable resource. Also, check for reviews from former students before you make your final decision. Whether you are just entering the plumbing field or want to advance your career, Alpha Tradesmen Academy is the ultimate digital tool to complete the in-field experience and sharpen your skills right from home. 


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