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Places to Have a Good Night Out in Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers and the surrounding barrier islands provide some of Southwest Florida’s best nightlife. Downtown Fort Myers is a hotspot for partygoers looking for a variety of options. Funky dens, wine bars, taverns, and clubs adorn the brick streets. During the monthly Music and Art Walks, the region comes alive. Gulf Coast Town Center is another popular hangout spot for the bar-hopping crowd. Despite its popularity among college students, there are establishments catering to people of all ages and tastes, including Tequila bars, cigar bars, sushi bars, and piano bars.

On Estero and Sanibel Islands, visitors looking for a more laid-back island ambiance can appreciate sipping a beer or beverage at one of the many beach pubs. If you’re searching for a good time on Fort Myers Beach, look no farther than the Cottage Beach Bar. It’s situated on the beach with live music every night, and it’s right next door to the Lani Kai Island Resort’s Spring Break party mecca if you’re feeling daring.

Dixie Roadhouse

You are not need to wear cowboy hats and boots to enter this country-themed club, but if you do, you will fit right in. You’ll also do well if you enjoy line dancing and know how to do it. The Dixie, as it is known among locals, encourages everyone to join in the excitement, so they provide free line dance instruction at the start of the night. Dixie has the area’s largest hardwood dance floor, as well as enough space for live bands and other special events. If you don’t think you can withstand all night of country music, you’ll be pleased to learn that the DJs here enjoy mixing hip hop and dance music. In addition, drink specials are available.

The Gulf Coast Town Center 

The Gulf Coast Town Center (GCTC) is one of Fort Myers’ most popular dining and drinking spots. Watering spots are tucked into every corner of the expansive village-like layout, making it a one-stop party shop. Whatever the crowd or your mood, you’ll be able to find a perfect spot to play here. The “World Famous” Cigar Bar offers live music, cognac, and premium hand-rolled cigars; Cantina 109 offers top-shelf tequilas; and The Keys Bar & Grille offers dealing pianos and dancing. You can even see a film here. GCTC is next to Florida Gulf Coast University, so it’s a popular hangout for college students, but with so many restaurants and pubs, people of all ages will find something to their liking.

The Firestone 

The Firestone is a four-story entertainment and dining facility located in a historic structure in downtown Fort Myers, with views of the newly refurbished waterfront. The Sky Bar, where some of the area’s greatest DJs keep the party going into the early hours of the morning, is accessible through an express elevator located at the entrance. Locals call the third-floor Martini Bar the “Brick Bar,” because it can accommodate both live bands and DJs. The tavern has been remodeled, and while it retains some of its previous rustic charm, it has become much more upscale. Expect to wait in line on a Friday or Saturday night if you check the website for an updated list of bands.

Monalisa Italian Restaurant

This isn’t your typical pizza joint; it’s a karaoke lover’s paradise. Locals have been flocking to this tavern for late-night fun for decades, and it has long been a favorite for pizza. Karaoke is the main reason, aside from the refreshing drinks and nice bartenders. It has become so famous that karaoke contests are frequently held here, and when Broadway touring acts stop in for a song or two off the clock at the neighboring Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall. This isn’t to say that every singer who signs up here is talented, but they all seem to have a good time. In addition, the restaurant serves New York-style hot, cheesy pizza pies, which are the ideal complement to a cool drink and a night out.

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