Online Plumbing Courses That Can Help You Pursue Your Dream Career At Home

Professional plumbers know how to troubleshoot, inspect and repair water or gas systems, valves, and drains that keep our faucets working perfectly. Depending on their specialization, licensed plumbers are in high demand to handle plumbing projects in commercial buildings, private homes, or large factories throughout the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the plumbing industry will rise by 12% by 2024.

 Training to become a licensed plumber has traditionally been hands-on. And while vocational plumbing schools still value the experience of the skills they learn on the job with a plumbing assistantship and apprenticeship, an increasing number of plumbing training certifications and courses are online nowadays.

Why Is Online Plumbing Training Right For You?

Plumbing courses online provide a lot of flexibility since you can set your schedule and learn at your own pace. It is also more convenient because you can learn in the comfort of your home instead of having to commute to campus daily. Some aspiring plumbers worry that they won’t obtain the hands-on training required to learn to plumb online, but that’s a misconception.

Some programs, like Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s online plumbing course, set you up with a local lead trainer to complement the material you are getting online. It allows you to be out in the field, obtaining real-world experience just like you would as an apprentice plumber. As you pursue your curriculum, you will shadow a plumbing professional, simultaneously meeting your apprenticeship and job training requirements in just 18 months.

In addition, plumbing training online at Alpha Tradesmen Academy keeps the learning material engaging and exciting to assist you in staying focused and motivated all the time. Each lesson comprises modules featuring videos, skills practice demonstrations, interactive quizzes, and more. Plus, the course teaches you crucial soft skills, like teamwork and customer service. By the end of your online plumbing training, you will be equipped with all the problem-solving, mechanical, physical, and administrative skills required to kickstart your career as a professional plumber.

People who opt to pursue plumbing courses online can expect to spend about six months to obtain a certificate. Like other certificate programs, few, if any, classes will be taken outside the plumbing industry. Aspiring plumbers should expect to take plumbing classes online that cover fundamentals like reading blueprints or diagrams, welding, and brazing. Those who obtain a badge or certificate will be rewarded once they enter the plumbing job market hungry for their expertise and skills.

Plumbing Courses Online: How Do They Work?

Online plumbing courses won’t break your bank account. You will learn to work with valves, fittings, and pipes at your convenience. Step-by-step online plumbing instruction paves the way for an in-demand, busy career. Get connected, get trained, and get ahead. So how do the online plumbing courses work:

  • Train at your own pace as per your schedule
  • Get continuous support by phone, email, or online.
  • Learning material delivered through online lessons and videos
  • No prerequisite to getting enrolled
  • Graduate in less than six months.

Start Your Plumbing Training Today

Ready to kickstart your plumbing career? You can request enrolment at the Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s online plumbing courses and unleash your potential. Contact us to get started today if you are interested in our online plumbing course.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Plumbing Training

Is It Possible To Learn To Plumb Online?

Yes, you can become a professional plumber by taking online plumbing courses, which are more affordable than attending a conventional vocational training school. You only require around six months to graduate and earn your salary.

 What Courses Are The Same As Online Plumbing Courses?

If you search for plumbing courses online, you may be interested in electrician, roofing, and HVAC. You can take these courses to further improve your understanding of the field, and a broader understanding of the subject can help you enhance personal or professional development.

Are All Plumbing Courses Available Online? 

How you learn a plumbing course will depend on the system you pursue and the method of study you select. The most common methods are enrolling in an online plumbing course where you can access the learning material online or enrolling in a trade classroom plumbing course where you access the material in person.

Can You Earn a 6-figure Salary As A Plumber?

Yes, you can become a millionaire by working as a plumber. Since plumbers are in high demand, they are bound to charge more for their services and ultimately make more money. Read our post on how much plumbers make.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Professional Plumber? 

The duration of becoming a licensed plumber can vary based on the route you choose to take. A traditional apprenticeship can take up to four years, while an online plumbing course can take up to six months to graduate and enter the job market.




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