Museums and Attractions In Greenville – Roto-Rooter of Greeneville TN

When you visit Greenville, you’ll feel as if you’ve taken a step back in time. Greeneville, being one of Tennessee’s oldest cities, has a rich history that you can learn about and enjoy through the city’s many attractions. All around the area, there are fascinating museums and historic sites to visit. Apart from the history, the town’s many arts and culture activities, such as the theater and arts center, will keep you entertained. Keep yourself occupied in Greeneville, TN with the greatest things to do.

The City Garage Car Museum 

The City Garage Car Museum is a local auto museum with a private collection of historic automobiles as well as a retro cafe. When you see the unique vehicles on exhibit in this museum, vintage car fans will go crazy. A 1969 Excalibur, NASCAR race cars, and even a 1981 DeLorean are among the vehicles on display (perfect for Back to the Future fans). Visit one of the museum’s themed cafés for a break. To complete the experience, they have parked vintage cars outside their diner. The Texaco Service Station, a historic petrol station adjacent to the eatery, is well worth a look.

Greeneville Antique Market

Greeneville Antique Market is a small antique market with three floors to browse in downtown Greeneville. This is the spot to go if you enjoy looking for unusual things to see in Greeneville and other places. The 75 booths inside the store contain many one-of-a-kind and uncommon items, ranging from antique furniture and primitives to old books and records. Make a list of things you enjoy and where you can find them, then keep looking. When it’s rainy or chilly outside, exploring the entire shop is a pleasant and easy indoor activity.

A wise buyer’s recommendation is to acquire only what you absolutely need after you’ve completed all three floors.

The Andrew Johnson National Historic Site

President Andrew Johnson is commemorated in the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site, a 16-acre facility dedicated to him. History buffs will love walking around this location because it includes a visit to President Lyndon B. Johnson’s homestead, which is furnished with many of his family’s original things. Because they’ll learn so much about the country’s past leader, the guided tour is one of the best things to do in Greeneville with kids. Visit the Early Home, which is where President Johnson and his wife started their family, in addition to the Homestead. It was also the home of the late president during his early political accomplishments.

The Niswonger Performing Arts Center 

The Niswonger Performing Arts Center is a huge theater that hosts live performances. Seeing a dynamic show in this venue is constantly on the list of top things to do in Greeneville at night. You’ll have a great time while you’re here, with everything from rock concerts to deep country performances.

If you want to sit in the front rows of the Center Mezzanine or the Center Balcony for a low price, try the front rows of the Center Mezzanine or the Center Balcony. Even though you’ll be further away than Orchestra, you’ll have an uninterrupted view of the stage because no one will be seated in front of you.

Margarette Falls

Margarette Falls, in Cherokee National Forest near Greeneville, is a 60-foot fan-shaped waterfall. The 2.4-mile journey to the cascades is full of lovely forest vistas, clumps of stunning wildflowers, and a rushing river, all of which are must-see sites for nature lovers this weekend. The stunning waterfall is the icing on the cake and might be regarded a prize for completing the trail. While the route is well-kept and one of the beautiful spots to visit in Greeneville, hikers should exercise caution. In a few spots, you may have to scramble, and other areas are narrow and rocky. However, it should be reasonably simple and ideal for day trips.

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