Moblico and LeadSmart Technologies Announce Innovative Strategic Partnership

LeadSmart Technologies, a leader in the cloud-based CRM, channel collaboration, and customer intelligence market and Moblico, the premier innovator of mobile engagement solutions tailored
to the needs of wholesale distributors jointly announced today a strategic partnership and
technology integration.

Moblico provides a comprehensive mobile communication, commerce, and marketing platform
to wholesale distributors and manufacturers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and
Europe. Moblico’s technology includes integrated solutions for mobile messaging, native custom
branded mobile applications, data-driven segmentation, automated notifications from ERP
systems, integrations with leading eCommerce software providers, geo-fencing and beacon
targeting, instant mobile payment, and much more.

LeadSmart has integrated its innovative Channel Cloud SaaS platform with Moblico’s marketing
engagement platform enabling engagement actions, customer journeys and mobile
conversations to be synced, tracked, and analyzed directly within LeadSmart Channel Cloud.
Wholesale distributors can also publish powerful LeadSmart CRM features directly into custombranded native mobile apps produced by Moblico.

“For more than a decade, our mission has been to help distributors use mobile technologies to
improve the customer experience and drive increased sales. We bring an unmatched level of
experience and know-how to the market. We’ve helped companies who have fallen behind in
developing a digital-mobile strategy to quickly bridge the technology gap, and leapfrog ahead to
where their customers want them to be,” said Pierre Barbeau, CEO of Moblico. “By partnering
with LeadSmart, Moblico can now offer a full stack solution to our customers that seamlessly
incorporates modern CRM and customer intelligence within the Moblico platform. The
LeadSmart offering is different from typical CRM software systems because it was created and
developed by industry veterans to meet the specific needs of distributors and manufacturers.”

LeadSmart Channel Cloud combines an innovative CRM with a robust customer intelligence
solution that has been designed and developed specifically for distribution companies.
LeadSmart Channel Cloud enables manufacturers and distributors to have visibility and
accountability into sales, marketing, account planning, full line selling, and customer expansion
and includes other purpose-built tools that help both sales teams and leadership have insights
into business opportunities and drive revenue growth.

“By connecting the LeadSmart Channel Cloud platform with the Moblico mobile engagement
solution we can provide much deeper insights and business intelligence to our customers that
can help them spotlight revenue growth opportunities and provide a superior customer
experience,” said LeadSmart Co-Founder and CEO Kevin Brown. “After over 30 years in the
wholesale distribution industry, I understand the challenges industrial distribution companies
have in managing new business opportunities. Our partnership with Moblico is exciting for us as
we share the same core focus of achieving outcome-oriented results versus just providing more

LeadSmart Channel Cloud incorporates a pre-built app architecture that revolves around 8
critical business metrics including sales, marketing, leads, opportunities and deals, partner relationships, activities, and customer expansion resulting in rapid implementation and early

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