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Plumbing is a lucrative career, but not many are aware of this fact. Even with the promise of a high salary, most of the younger generations today fail to appreciate the financial security in getting into the plumbing industry. They go for other options, such as going to school and getting a degree. The truth is, getting a college degree is an essential factor in making it big into the world. The workforce is still looking out for those with degrees; thus, their unemployment rate is low. 

However, the trend of young people getting a college degree decreases due to the increasing cost of getting a degree. Aside from that, many prominent individuals are encouraging today’s generation to look out for other options. One of them is going to trade schools. 

Why is trade school a good option?

Several TV personalities and other successful people in various industries today emphasize the importance of education but not the kind you may have in mind. Instead of telling others to get a four-year college degree, they implore the young ones to try other means. Kevin O’Leary from ABC’s Shark Tank said that college isn’t for everyone. It can help you have financial stability in the future, which is something that’s equally offered in trade schools as well. 

He added that plumbing is a promising career as any if you want to get rich. It’s one of those jobs that will never run out of money no matter the global crisis that the world may experience. Regardless of the situation, people will always need plumbing services for their homes and establishments. There is no recession in the plumbing industry. 

Michael Bloomberg, a businessman turned politician, also shared that same advice during the 2014 annual meeting at Wall Street trade group SIFMA. He said that if you’re caught between going to college and pursuing a career in plumbing, you shouldn’t rush your decision. You should think hard about which of the two paths you’d want to take. Bloomberg believes in the power of trade schools and other skill-based institutions. 

Do the math 

Before you jump to a decision between college and plumbing trade school, you first have to do the math. Look at the money that you need to borrow to pay for your college education. Your debt must not go beyond 10-15% of what you are expected to earn after finishing your degree. Your debt must not go beyond 20-30% of your monthly earnings. 

Tips to earning more in plumbing

The licensed plumber salary can vary based on several factors. Experience is one of the biggest things you can offer to your clients and the agency you will apply for. They will look at your previous works and decide if you’re worth the five or six-figure licensed plumber salary. If you have a plumbing business or an individual player in the industry, we have tips that you can take heed to increase your plumber salary.

Get more training 

You need more skills and training if you want to be helpful to your clients. It would be efficient and beneficial for them to get multiple services from one agency or one person. You can start with water treatment training. It will give you the skills to solve common water quality problems, water testing, the different water quality guidelines, and more. You’d also be able to give recommendations on the right water quality treatment and maintenance. 

Take advantage of today’s technology

There are many software and tools today that are helpful in moving your business forward – from manual paper sheets to excel sheets and more. This would help you simplify your appointment and scheduling process. It also improves your accuracy and profitability. 

Taking advantage of the available technology would help you speed up your estimating process as well. It would be easier for you to provide your clients with free estimates on the services that they need. You can put several factors that impact the cost of plumbing services such as the labor cost, materials, the size of the project, and others. 

Sell to your existing customers

The easiest and fastest way to ensure a steady income stream is to sell your services to your existing customers. It’s best to build a customer base, and you can start doing so by getting your customers’ email addresses and phone numbers once you complete the job with them. Stay in touch with them and offer other services as well. Use the available automation tools to let your customers know that you’re still in the business. Remind them of the maintenance tips and routine schedules they may have missed via email or offer them discounts. 

You can also include in your email some recommendations, offer them a free visitation and show them some cost-cutting solutions that your other clients are doing for their homes, provide them with useful and valuable information, educate them on the best practices on lowering their water bills and their waste production, and more. Look for ways to put your services front and center for your clients so that the next time they need plumbing services, they call your number first. 

Improve your professional partnerships

It’s equally important to pair up and partner with trusted master plumbers or local agencies. This allows you to have access to potential customers. This is also a great way to build your client base. Know that nothing comes for free, so when partnering up with agencies, you need to share a percentage of the profit gained from any customers or clients from your partners. When you show up for a scheduled appointment, you must look the part. Dress smartly and appropriately. Make sure that you pass the professional vibe check. 

Diversify your clients

Your client base must be diverse and well served. Satisfied clients make glowing recommendations and testimonials. It’s important that you understand the needs of your clients and address their problems efficiently. Use the available resources and technology today to keep up with the needs of your clients. 

There are many opportunities for plumbers, and there is an expected increasing need for more people in this career until 2026. So, if you want that six-figure salary, why not try plumbing? 

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