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Logboat Brewery Turns to Integrated Facility Services for an Automation Upgrade

But that approach changed. The existing set-up was a complicated affair, with multiple devices, each one monitoring the temperature against a set point, each in control of its own solenoid.

“I said, you can have a dozen of these things in this panel or we can put this on one of our building automation controllers,” Ruth said, “and instead we can have a touch screen display for it—so, an actual human-machine interface to simplify things.” As an added benefit, the final product would be a lot more impressive to people on the brewery tour.  

Reliable Controls

IFS installed custom-built control panels featuring Reliable Controls, which allow real-time monitoring, regulating and adjustments of temperature, pressure and flow rates. Installation and commissioning was overseeing by Controls Foreman, Ryan Goodman. The panels monitor and control the pumps and the valves from both existing building and their expansion.

“They are able to move the water to where they need it when they need it,

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