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Interplay Learning Expands Commercial HVAC Course Catalog – Plumbing Perspective

Hands-On Training Designed to Develop a Highly Competitive Workforce

Interplay Learning, the leading provider of online and VR training for the essential skilled trades, announced today the expansion and upgrade of its commercial HVAC catalog, enabling commercial HVAC firms and mechanical contractors to reduce training costs and accelerate ramp-up times for their apprentices and technicians.

Interplay’s expert-led commercial HVAC courses and hands-on 3D simulations help technicians rapidly develop and retain on-the-job skills by providing unlimited practice in a risk-free environment. Five courses have already been added to the commercial HVAC catalog with nine more coming over the next few months, including a highly anticipated Custom Air Handling Unit Preventive & Service Maintenance course where users can apply fundamental concepts they have learned by conducting various air handler maintenance checks using a virtual air handler unit in a simulation.

This newly expanded catalog also includes scenarios for Centrifugal Pump Repair, Packaged Refrigeration Unit Troubleshooting and Walk-In Freezer Troubleshooting as well as safety courses like Ladder and Fall Safety, Fire Prevention and Safety, and more — providing a one-stop-shop for technicians to retain the critical knowledge necessary to do their job correctly, and safely.

Interplay’s revolutionary learning approach equips apprentices and technicians with the knowledge they need to problem-solve efficiently, leading to better and faster service calls. They can dive into everything from foundational applied sciences through instructional video courses to more advanced concepts like diagnosing five reasons why a chiller would have loss of flow from a evaporator or condenser in 3D simulation training environments. By applying the science behind how people learn best, Interplay equips learners with both the knowledge and cognitive skills they need to solve problems in the moment.

“Interplay’s on-demand, simulation-based training is significantly more engaging and effective than traditional classroom training,” said Dan Clapper, HVAC Market Director at Interplay Learning. “Our customers tell us frequently that this is training their techs will actually use, and the business impact of that cannot be overstated.”

Interplay makes it easy for companies to administer and manage their training through one simple platform, providing them with the resources they need to train and upskill a strong performing team. Commercial HVAC team managers have the ability to assign courses based on individual learners’ needs and create career paths to help their apprentices and technicians become more well-rounded in the field.

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