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Insurance Claim Management – Storm Guard

Insurance Claim Management

One unfortunate task thousands of Colorado Springs residents face every year is filing an insurance claim for weather related damages and then navigating the Claim Management process.

  • What is the adjuster going to come out to my property to do?
  • My roof is approved, but what is the total amount of funds that I have with which to complete the work?
  • What happens if I don’t get everything repaired?
  • What do I do if I believe my adjuster missed damage?
  • I just got a check from my insurance carrier, but it doesn’t match any of the numbers in my insurance estimate.  What is this check for?  Should I deposit it?
  • How do I get the remaining insurance proceeds once the work is completed?

These, and many more, are questions that Storm Guard representatives are asked literally hundreds of times a year.  Let’s be honest – the insurance claim process is neither quick nor easy and, if you’re feeling lost, you’re not alone.

Most home owners evaluate their options for general contractors based solely on their reputation and word of mouth.  While this is an excellent place to start your search, don’t let this be where you stop.  Dig a little further to determine what services are offered and if they are compatible with your needs and desires.  There are many general contractors serving the Colorado Springs area that provide quality work, but very few go the extra mile to provide their customers Claim Management Services.

Claim Management at Storm Guard

What exactly does “Claim Management” mean?  To start, our Storm Guard Sales Professional attends every adjuster meeting to advocate for our clients and their homes.  Once the claim has been approved, Storm Guard reviews the Statement of Loss (insurance estimate) and compares the insurance carrier’s findings to our own.  While some adjusters are more thorough than others, Storm Guard has yet to manage a claim that didn’t require adjustments/additions to the insurance estimate.  Storm Guard uses the same software and documentation methodologies that 99% of the insurance industry does, so that it is easy for your carrier to validate and approve repairs to the damages missed in the original estimate.  Once a comprehensive scope of work that will return the property to pre-storm condition has been agreed upon, we begin the project.

During the course of the project, it is not uncommon to uncover additional damages not visible before the repair work began.  When we come across these issues, we provide the same level of documentation to your carrier to obtain approval for the additional scope of work.  This eliminates or, at the very least, minimizes any delay in the completion of the project and ensures that our clients are not exposed to the risk of additional out of pocket costs.

Upon completion of the project, Storm Guard sends all necessary documentation to your carrier to prove that the repairs were performed to your home and that your claim can be fully paid and closed.

Our clients, like many homeowners, do not have the industry knowledge nor the time to manage their restoration project or the insurance documentation necessary, which is why they choose a general contractor that offers claim management.  If you have any questions about your insurance claim or would like to work with one of our representatives, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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