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How To Stay Safe In An Electrical Emergency

Electricity is hazardous; not only can an electrical issue result in electrocution, but it can also result in a fire. Electrical problems cause about 24,000 residential building fires in the United States each year, according to the US Fire Administration (part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA). Every year, these fires cause over 300 deaths and $870 million in property damage. Based on electrical wiring hazards alone, electrical issues are responsible for more than half of all civilian fatalities because electrical problems, as well as electrical injuries, are included. 

Electric Injuries

These electrical injuries often result from minor shocks from non-electrical related equipment such as microwaves or refrigerators; however, sometimes electrical wire shorts can cause severe burns or even death. It can be associated with severe burns, muscle pain and contractions, seizures, and loss of consciousness.  It can also be an electrical shock, which is the electrical current that runs through your body and causes burns on the surface. A bluish tinge to the skin or lips can indicate electrical shock as well. Still, it may take up to five minutes for this discoloration to appear, so immediate medical attention should be sought even if it appears that nothing has happened. As electrical issues are considered a home emergency, contact an emergency electrical service to repair electrical wiring problems quickly and efficiently. Call 24-hour electrical services at least once every year to check for any potential electrical hazards or repairs needed; otherwise, you could find yourself in danger. 

Here Are a Few Examples of Electrical Emergencies

How to Be Safe With Electricity at Home
How to Be Safe With Electricity at Home

You should always immediately turn off electrical power to electrical appliances that aren’t in use. Be sure electrical cords don’t dangle from electrical outlets or hover over walkways; rather, properly store them so they won’t be tripped over by someone. If you notice any electrical issues with your home’s electrical wiring, seek 24-hour emergency electrical service right away—even what might seem like just a small electrical issue can have potentially life-threatening consequences.

Being safe around electricity helps to ensure a more comfortable and healthy living environment for everyone in the home, whether you’re there all of the time or not.

Power Outages

Electrical service failure is the most common cause of power outages. More electricity is consumed because everyone stays and works from home ( due to the pandemic ). 

During an outage, the power grid is overloaded with electrical usage, causing power lines to overload and lose electrical capacity—this causes a loss of electrical service to some areas or households. You could be caught in this situation at any time. Don’t expect electricity for your convenience; have alternatives to electrical items ready, so you can keep them operational if there is a loss of electrical service.

Electrical Safety Tips:

  • Be sure that your electrical devices are plugged into properly grounded outlets only; do not use three-prong power cords with two-prong electrical outlets, as doing so may result in electrical shock or fire.
  • If electrical outlets give off a burning or electrical odor, contact an electrical repair service as soon as possible; many electrical issues can be solved immediately by preventative maintenance from a qualified electrical repair technician.
  • Make sure your electrical devices have been inspected by a professional electrician before use. Most electrical fires happen because of improperly grounded plugs and extension cords, overloaded circuits, or inoperative safety features. By hiring a licensed electrician to inspect your home for electrical hazards once every few years, you could save yourself from the hassle (and risk) of dealing with these problems on your own and possibly saving the lives of others simultaneously!
  • Do not overload electrical outlets with power strips, extension cords, or other adapters; this may result in short circuits and fire.

Hero Services Are Here to Help

Hero Services provide 24/7 electrical emergency services and general electrical maintenance and electrical building inspection. We have a dedicated team of electricians qualified to deal with all electrical issues you may be experiencing. Our focus is on quality electrical service at an affordable price!

If you experience problems with your electrical system, hire a professional. Do not attempt to repair electrical problems yourself unless you are qualified, trained, and licensed by the state in which you live.

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