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How to Prepare For Your First Private Jet Flight

The first time you fly on a private jet can be an intimidating experience. You may have seen them in the sky and wondered what it would be like to board one for your next trip. Perhaps you’ve flown commercial before but are interested in experiencing something different for your next flight? This post will discuss by MidAmerica Jet how to prepare for your first private jet flight so that you can feel comfortable and enjoy yourself during this new type of travel. The best way to prepare is by gathering all the necessary information about what to expect from a private jet and determining if this mode of transportation is right for you. What should I pack? How do I know which airport to go through? Who pays when we land? These are important questions that need answers.

Ready to Take Off?

It doesn’t have to be stressful to prepare for your first private flight. Consider luxury when making your plans. And just because it’s a private flight, don’t act as if anything goes. Be considerate of the staff and everyone’s time. Before you leave, pack your bags, grab your keys, and remember to water your plants! Simply follow the guidelines below to feel prepared for your first private flight.

  1. Be Early

You must arrive one to two hours early for check-in, baggage check, and security on any commercial flight. Although you are not required to go through all of this on a private flight, you should still arrive on time. Rather than just arriving right on time, it is recommended that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your flight is scheduled to take off (or after). This is a simple courtesy that ensures everything is ready for a timely departure, but it also shows respect if you are traveling with a host.

  1. Avoid Over-Packing

Although you may believe that a private flight allows you to bring as many bags as you want, smaller planes are subject to strict weight restrictions for safety reasons. The capacity and weight limits of your luggage will vary depending on the specific jet you’re flying on, but as a general rule, try to pack light and smartly. Before flying, make sure to inquire about baggage restrictions, such as the number and weight of bags allowed. 

  1. Dress Well

When flying on a private jet, make every effort to look the part. This doesn’t mean you have to dress in an uncomfortable way or excessively elegant, but you should try to select clothing that is conservatively appropriate for the occasion. If you’re going on a business trip, dress professionally or casually. If you’re going on a trip with friends or family, you may want to dress up a little more than flip-flops and shorts. If you’re traveling as a guest, you should dress up a little more to show your respect for your host.

  1. Luggage

When checking your luggage for a commercial flight, it doesn’t matter if you exceed your luggage limit by one or more suitcases. Just pay the extra money, and they’ll take care of you. This is not the case with private planes. Small jets will be used for the majority of your private flights. Because of the smaller compartment doors and spaces, these smaller planes can’t carry as much luggage as a commercial plane. Consider the spaces available for carry-on luggage; this is how much room the staff will have to accommodate all of your belongings. This is something to keep in mind when packing your luggage, especially if you aren’t the only passenger on the flight. It will be easier for the staff to adjust your bags if you use soft luggage, so you won’t have to ship extra luggage.

  1. Reservations and Tips

If you’re taking a private flight, be sure to tip your pilot. Private plane pilots are responsible for much more than just flying the plane. They handle the planning and various aspects of the trip, as well as cleaning the aircraft. They aren’t compensated as well as commercial pilots. As a result, bring a nice tip to thank the pilot for their time and efforts. Because this is a luxury flight, don’t skimp and give the pilot $5; instead, start with at least $20 and factor in your experience and flight length.

Don’t leave booking a flight until the last minute. Although most private flights can be booked with little notice, waiting until the day is not always a good idea. Take into account your preferences for tips and accommodations. It’s better to book ahead of time if you want to get to your destination faster or if you want a specific look and feel for your flight. This allows workers to choose the best type of plane for their experience.


There is a lot to plan for travel. The best way to avoid any hassles or mistakes during your trip is by being organized and prepared beforehand. By thinking through what you need, when you need it, and how you’re going to get it there before the day of departure, not only will everything go more smoothly but also you’ll be able to enjoy your time away from home even more! To help with that, uncomfortably conservatively appropriate clothing we’ve put together this checklist so that all of your bases are covered ahead of time.

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