How To Maximize Your Lead Flow With Plumbing PPC Campaigns?

Get Your Phone Ringing, Business Booming, And Trucks Running With Plumbing PPC Ads

Do you want to book more service appointments and get more leads for your plumbing company? You may be missing out if you have not invested in Pay-Per-Click advertising. Plumbing companies and savvy plumbers understand that the key to booking more jobs and obtaining more leads is maximizing their presence on the first page of the search engine results like Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

If you research on Google and find plumbing company ads that aren’t yours, it implies that you are considering sending potential clients to other competing plumbers. Whether you want to start a new plumbing PPC advertising campaign or revamp an existing one, our specialists are always ready to help. This post will provide everything you need to maximize your plumbing PPC performance and generate more leads for your business. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What Is A Plumbing PPC Campaign, And How Does It Work?

Plumbing PPC is an internet marketing strategy that focuses on improving the visibility of your services across social media platforms, search engines, and other online directories. Plumber PPC campaigns help you bid on search terms (keywords) that prospect online users to find your services. Your ad will appear in the search results list when potential clients search these specific keywords.

Unlike conventional online ads, plumbers only pay when their advert gets clicked on. These ads are directly linked to the landing page that details your plumbing services.

There Are Different Types Of PPC Ads For Plumbing Companies. But We are going to focus primarily on the major two:

  • Search Ads: Yahoo, Bing, and Google are among the most famous search engines where plumbers place PPC ads. Such ads are at the top of the search results, just above organic listings.
  • Display Ads: These pay-per-click ads appear as images, text, or banners on Google partner sites.

To better illustrate how plumber PPC ads work, let’s look at this example:

A plumber in Murfreesboro, TN, may bid on the keyword “emergency plumbing services in Murfreesboro.” When a potential client searches for this term, Google will start an auction to determine which plumbing ads will appear and how they will be ranked.

The auction process will consider the bid amount placed by the plumber and the quality score of every ad. Any plumbing PPC agency will tell you that various factors, including determining the quality of the ad

  • Relevance to the search
  • The expected click-through rate
  • Landing page experience

Let’s assume that you chose to run a PPC ad on Google:

You can choose which search terms to base your results, like emergency plumbing services in Georgia

In this scenario, Google may act as a virtual auctioneer. Therefore, if your ad has the highest bid amount and possesses other qualities we discussed earlier, it will rank high in the search results.

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What Are The Advantages Of Plumbing PPC Ads?

Why should PPC be a part of your plumbing internet marketing strategy? As an expert plumbing PPC agency, we can attest that there are countless benefits that plumbers who use PPC ads enjoy more than those who don’t. Here are some of the top benefits that PPC offers to plumbers:


PPC helps plumbers to determine how much they want to spend on their plumbing services ads. This implies that you don’t have to worry about paying more than anticipated. Besides, you only pay when a prospect clicks on your ad, implying that you don’t have to pay for your ad to appear in the search results. Best of all, you can efficiently target your ads to homeowners searching for your plumbing services online.

This is a crucial distinction from conventional ads, which request upfront payment for ads to appear in the search engine results, with no assurance that prospects/ browsers will click on them. With plumber PPC, you spend money on leads interested in your plumbing services and have a higher chance of becoming paying clients.

Faster Results

While social media marketing and plumbing SEO are awesome ways of getting your plumbing business out there, it takes s time and effort to see real results. However, Plumber PPC gets your ad in front of prospects as soon as you begin your campaign, implying you obtain instant results to know how well your plumbing ad campaigns perform.

Long-term tactics are essential for building brand authority and awareness online. PPC is a good strategy for getting plumbing leads quickly. It can also offer insight into the effectiveness of your campaign, thus helping you to improve other strategies like plumbing SEO.

Precise Targeting

PPC ads can be beneficial if you want to get the most out of your investment. This is because the right people see such ads. At the time, they require your plumbing services.

You can select any of the following options to target your potential clients using plumber PPC services;

  • Target based on Demographics: This option will help you to target specific people based on their gender, age, location, and other demographic characteristics. For instance, a PPC strategy for plumbing contractors may target homeowners in a specific neighborhood.
  • Remarketing: This helps you identify prospects who previously clicked on your plumbing website or ad but never took action.
  • In-Marketing: In-marketing targets users who previously searched for plumbing services and products.

Accurate Results Tracking

Another advantage of plumbing PPC is that it offers a detailed overview of your ad performance. Accessing such data allows you to make adjustments or tweak your campaigns. You can also run A/B tests to determine which version is performing better and how you can optimize it further.

Qualified Plumbing Leads

Prospects who click on your plumber’s PPC ad campaigns are generally near to making a purchasing decision. Homeowners who come to your site through such ads are 50% more likely to schedule a service appointment than those who found your plumbing business through an organic search.

Why Do Plumbing PPC Campaigns Fail?

Many plumbers complain that they fail when they try a PPC campaign, which is normally due to their failure to understand the Google AdWords auction process. A good PPC strategy for plumbers isn’t about selecting plumbing keywords and bidding higher than your competition. And there is an entire process of determining quality scores.

Google wants to display relevant results to its users. So, if you don’t craft your campaign in a way that corresponds to what homeowner types in and relevancy and quality scores are low, then you will not obtain many benefits on the cost per click.

Top 10 Tips To Supercharge Your Plumbing PPC Performance

To help you make the most out of your plumber PPC by ensuring that prospects who click on your ad convert, here are a few things you can implement today to supercharge your next plumbing ad campaign:

  1. Define Your Goal Properly

Unless you have a measurable and clear goal, you can’t optimize your plumber PPC campaign properly. Know that your goal is the basis of the optimization process. If you don’t have a clear roadmap, you won’t achieve anything worthwhile.

First, you want to determine what you want to attain from your paid search ad campaigns. Depending on your plumbing business needs, your objective/goal could be:

  • Driving traffic to your plumbing website
  • Getting subscribers or downloads
  • Increasing plumbing leads or sales

Always set realistic and clear objectives, inspiring your team to work harder to realize your company goals.

    2. Research Your Plumbing Keywords

In any PPC campaign, you should carefully research phrases and keywords relevant to the plumbing industry to help you target the right prospects when you launch your campaign. Choosing the right long-tail keywords is one of the simple tasks you can do to maximize your PPC performance.

      3. Optimize Your Keyword Score

One of the major reasons most plumber PPC ad campaigns fail to attain desired results is that they have too many keywords. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, an average PPC campaign generates results only from 12% of all keywords. So, avoid overloading your ads with keywords. Besides, you should focus on boosting your keyword quality score. Some factors that can determine your keyword score include; click-through rate, landing page experience, and the relevance of your ad to the ad copy.

      4. Pay Attention to Negative Keywords

If you are paying to display ads on specific keywords, it should not be diluted by being shown on similar search terms that aren’t relevant to your plumbing business. Use the negative keyword option, which helps you to tell Google which keywords you don’t want your site to be ranked on.

Negative keywords can save your plumbing marketing budget by preventing your ads from being triggered by unnecessary searches. Such keywords assist you in avoiding irrelevant traffic hitting your plumbing website.

      5. Write a Bold Ad Copy

Ad copy plays an important role in determining the success of your plumbing PPC campaign. So, invest your time and efforts in creating an engaging ad copy.

Here Are Some Tips For Writing Great PPC Ads For Your Plumbing Company:

  • Since you are given the number of characters to include in your ad, you must write a persuasive ad copy while remaining within the desired character limit.
  • Make your ads as relevant as possible.
  • Develop attention-grabbing headlines
  • Remember to include a compelling call-to-action
  • Use power words such as exclusive, hurry, today only, instant, and more.
  1. Utilize Sitelink Extensions

Create site link extensions to include more links to your ad in the plumbing PPC campaign. Such extensions can take prospects to a particular page on your plumbing website and help visitors directly reach your plumbing services.

    2. Use Remarketing Ads

If a prospect comes to your plumbing website and clicks an ad but does not book a service appointment, you can reach out to them via retargeting or remarketing ads. Here is the need for remarketing your plumbing services to attract prospects again. You can do it by displaying ads on a site frequently visited by the prospect. You can close a sale by reminding them of the quality of your services.

   3. Create A Relevant Landing Page

A well-designed landing page is an essential tool for effective plumbing PPC campaigns. But most plumbers tend to ignore it. One of the most crucial areas to focus on when running a PPC ad campaign is to develop a relevant landing page. 

If a prospect or lead clicks on your ad but feels unimpressed or disconnected by your landing page, they will navigate away to your competitors. By developing a relevant landing page that showcases your plumbing business as an expert and grabs the attention of your target market, you will be helping to improve your conversion rates.

   4. Optimize Your Plumbing PPC for Mobile Users

 With over 40% of the global population using smartphones, you can’t ignore mobile users when creating a plumber PPC ad campaign. So, ensure that your pages or websites are optimized for mobile devices to make the most of your Google Ads campaign. Pay attention to short-tail keywords since mobile users don’t always type long queries.

   5. Adjust Your Bids for Geo-Targeting

You can increase conversions and lead flow in your plumbing business by narrowing down on specific locations. Focus on your statistics and use the geographical data that you learn. For instance, if you realize that most of your engagement comes from a particular region, you can maximize your ad spending in such areas to boost conversion rates.

   6. Track the Results of Your Campaign

To ensure your campaign succeeds, monitor the results you obtain regularly. Some plumbers don’t spend enough time tracing their campaigns, which is another reason their ad campaigns fail.

Don’t ignore the essence of constant monitoring, as it will give you valuable insights into how your campaign performs against set objectives. Google Analytics can be a valuable tool if you are running Google Ads.

Why Hire A Professional Plumbing PPC Agency To Manage Your Campaigns?

When launching a PPC strategy for your plumbing business, you must decide when to manage it on your own or partner with a reputable plumbing marketing agency.

Below are reasons why you should opt to partner with experts who offer PPC management services for plumbers:

  • A PPC Management Agency Will Give You Better Results

Partnering with a plumbing PPC agency like Blackstorm + Design will assist you in getting great results without breaking your bank account. When looking for an agency, choose one with tons of experience, testimonials, and evidence of giving awesome results.

Working with a reputable plumber marketing agency will save you a lot of time on campaign setup, creating assets, and managing your ads. This will save you time, particularly if you have never run an ad campaign.

  • Detailed, Transparent Reporting

A plumbing PPC agency has the technologies and tools to monitor your results accurately and furnish you with progress reports.

Improve Your Online Presence with PPC Management For Plumbers Today

With so many strategies listed above, choosing one that will work for your plumbing business can be overwhelming. If you want to understand better how our PPC management services can help you get more qualified leads and skyrocket your business growth, schedule a free strategy session with one of our Growth Coaches to get started today.


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