How To Know When I Need Air Conditioning Repair

If you love air conditioning, you know how it feels when it’s summer, and the AC gets broken. We understand how dreadful it can get, especially when you most need it. Preventing symptoms will always be the best choice. 

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We have listed the early signs that you need an air conditioning repair. This should help you know when you should start looking for an HVAC expert to handle the repair of your air conditioning needs. 

Apparent Weird Smell K

If you notice an unusual odor present, this sign could signify that molds have started growing in your AC unit. A strange odor that comes from the exhaust fume could be due to the leaking fluids from your AC unit. Other types of weird smells may signify different kinds of damages. Once this occurs, there is only one thing to do: contact an HVAC expert immediately to resolve your air conditioning issues. 

Hot Air

An air conditioning unit is supposed to blow cold air and not hot. If your AC unit is blowing hot air, it clearly needs repair. This problem may be due to a broken compressor or a particular leak in the main components. Once you notice this symptom, be ready to call a professional to help you with your AC repair. 

Strange Sounds

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Anything unusual, like sounds that don’t seem normal, can be a sign of early damage. It could either be due to damaged parts, broken motor bearings, and other major parts. Sometimes, weird noises also mean that there’s something wrong with lubrication. Whenever you observe these signs, you should never take things lightly and call an expert as soon as possible. Do not let the symptoms linger because it can worsen or cause more damages. Delaying repairs will only make things more undesirable and worse. You might even have to replace your air conditioning unit. 


Moisture doesn’t always pertain that your air conditioner is broken. It could mean that something has been blocked or broken in the drain tube, or worse, there’s a refrigerant leak. It would be best to contact a reliable HVAC contractor to check your unit as soon as possible. Acting fast should help you avoid expensive repairs

Skyrocketing Bills

If your electric bills are higher than usual, it could mean that your AC unit is consuming more energy than it should. Once you notice that you are paying more electric bills, you should get your appliances checked, especially your AC. 

Old airconditioning units should be replaced, especially when they are more than ten years old. Most commonly, old AC units consume more energy than the new models. Replacing your old AC with a new one will help you conserve energy, thus lowering your electric bills.

We all want to extend our appliances’ lifespan as much as possible to avoid having to buy a new one. Therefore, you need regular maintenance such as cleaning, changing the filters, and having it checked by an HVAC expert. This should help reduce the need for costly repairs in the future. 

If you need air conditioning repair, be sure to contact Hero Services for your HVAC needs. They have only top-rated professionals who can deliver their services correctly.

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