How to Get Rid of Roofing Tar Fumes?

Re-roofing is an essential component of building preservation. The resultant odor is a result of the sealants used on asphalt shingles melting and securing the tiles in place. In order for fresh shingles to adhere to a roof, they must be baked by the sun. During this process, gases are released into the attic, and the odor may permeate the residence. 

Methods to reduce odors during roofing as building occupants:

  • If the windows in your building can be opened, don’t open them if they face the asphalt kettle or the roofing tar, else, the building will get the odors.
  • If the building has window air conditioners, adjust the air conditioner to recirculate the air. Do not bring outside air inside the structure. The smells will enter the structure.
  • Schedule periodic progress reports on the roofing project for members of Facilities Management. Establish a building contact to communicate project updates and relay concerns from building occupants.
  • During construction, promptly report any roof leaks to the project manager.

Methods to reduce odors during roofing as Facilities Managers:

  • Occasionally, it will be necessary to turn off the ventilation system during the project, and it should be resumed in the evening when the day’s roofing work has concluded.
  • The roofers, a building representative, the zone project manager, and the building tenants must communicate well.
  • The location of the asphalt kettle is crucial. Keep it as far away as possible from the air intake. Some trucks may also be in operation during the duration of the project. It is possible for exhaust air to enter the building.
  • Prior to construction, examine alternatives to tar-based roofing materials.
  • If it’s hard to keep the smell of roof tar out of the building, you might want to do the roofing work at night or on the weekend. During roofing, air intakes will be closed and reopened two hours before occupancy to clean odors.

If the smell is still there after the roof is fixed, more ventilation can help get rid of a lot of it. But until that new roof is completely set in, you may not have many options besides leaving home.

You could also try harder to mask the smell with pleasant scents that might aid you in coping. Eucalyptus leaves are easy to take care of and look nice, and they also smell good and can help make your home smell less like tar. This plant also has a natural ability to get rid of smells.

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