How to Choose Your First Roofing Marketing Agency

Do you want to expand your roofing brand’s reach, generate exclusive leads, and increase your sales?  

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But how do you market your roofing company with limited in-house workforce or no marketing professionals at all?

You need to hire a reputable roofing marketing agency for help.

Sounds so easy, right?

Not always, particularly if you have never worked with a digital roofing marketing company before. What questions should you ask first before hiring a roofing marketing firm? What unique qualities should a reputable roofing marketing agency possess? And what type of results should you expect?

 What does a roofing marketing agency do?

 Without further ado, let’s dive into the basics!

What is Roofing Marketing?

Roofing Marketing refers to the process of promoting your roofing services/products to potential clients within your geographical service area. There are several unique ways to market and promote your roofing business, including door hangers, print ads, television, and radio commercials. You can also depend on client referrals and word of mouth recommendations to bring new clients to your business.

While the cost of traditional channels of marketing continues to rise, their effectiveness at producing leads has been decreasing over recent years. This trend can be attributed to the growth of digital and marketing channels. As most clients/ prospects spend much of their time online, it is vital that you make your roofing website and other accompanying online tactics an integral part of your roofing marketing strategies.

The essential component of your digital roofing marketing strategy is your roofing website. Every content on your website should talk directly to your ideal prospects, based on the client profile that you had initially created. Your roofing website should allow prospects to accurately and quickly vet your company as being capable, trustworthy, and experienced to complete the project. A roofer should include customized photos, actual members of the marketing team, client reviews, and testimonials on their roofing website to give confidence to users that your business can be trusted and counted.


Besides a stunning website, your roofing marketing strategy should also incorporate other content marketing forms such as videos, social media marketing, and email newsletters. These are all unique tactics of reaching out to prospects with well-targeted messages that prompt them to take appropriate actions.

For instance, you can send out an email newsletter to your former clients providing a free roof inspection or running a successful paid ad search campaign using ZIP codes of areas that were recently hit by a storm. Video is another great way of connecting with prospects and converting leads into clients.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a must for any effective digital roofing marketing campaign. When clients are looking for roofing services online, they are not likely to go past the few listing on the first page of search engines. So, you must make sure that your roofing website appears on the first page of search engine results for customers to find your services online.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Digital Roofing Marketing Agency?

If you are like most roofers, what forces you think to engage a roofing marketing agency is it to answer this question “Do I outsource my roofing marketing to an agency or do it in-house?”

The decision to hire a digital roofing marketing agency usually is influenced by the few scenarios outlined below:

Your In-house Roofing marketing team is overtaxed and small

If your in-house marketing team is unable to meet the ambitious growth objectives of your roofing company, then you need assistance. Even though your in-house staff can do the job well, they may lack the effectiveness and efficiency of a roofing marketing agency. Hiring a reputable digital marketing agency will help you and your employees to concentrate on other crucial duties of running your business.

You Have a Limited Marketing Budget

Lack of enough marketing dollars makes it impossible for your business to hire additional marketing professionals. When you outsource your roofing marketing, you will save a lot of dollars. Hiring people, acquiring facilities for their work and training them are some of the things required to create a marketing department in your business. While outsourcing your roofing marketing will require you to part with only a fixed amount every month. It will save you money that could be used on buying marketing programs and paying salaries.

Outranking Your Competitors is Becoming Difficult

As a roofer, you need innovative digital strategies and new technologies to stay ahead of your rivals in the market. Your in-house team may lack the innovation and technology required to get ahead of the curve. Fortunately, hiring an experienced roofing marketing agency will help your business to outshine other roofing contractors online.

If the scenarios described above sounds familiar, then you have come to the right place. Because selecting the right roofing marketing company can give you the industry experience and fresh perspective that can help your business stand out from the crowd online. Here’s how:

What Can a Roofing Marketing Agency Do For your Business?

 There are several critical competencies that any modern roofing marketing company should deliver, including:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is a very crucial online marketing technique that helps to put your roofing website on top of search engine results when customers search for your services or products online. Read on the importance of SEO for roofers in 2020 to learn more.

Roofing Website Design

Your roofing website should be a true reflection of your business strengths and professionalism. A roofing web design agency helps your business to stand out as a leader in the competitive roofing niche.

Reputation Management

This service helps to establish, monitor, and grow your roofing brand’s standing on the company, product, and online review sites. Prospects/investors search for information on review sites before they make their decision.

Social Media Marketing

Keeps your roofing brand relevant, visible, and increases engagement in social networks that your target audience uses most. An experienced roofing marketing agency knows how to make your brand famous on multiple social media platforms.

A top-notch roofing marketing company will offer all the services described above but boost their impact on your business by handling campaign management, strategy, monitoring, continuous improvement, tactical plans, and accurate reporting.

Wait, Does My Roofing Business need all the services described above?

A roofing marketing company list of services can feel overwhelming, mainly if you are a new roofer on the block! A good roofing marketer should be sensitive to roofing companies that are new to outsourced marketing services and those that have little or limited marketing budgets.

The trick to success here is to select an agency that is willing to start small and scale-up with time. You can start with one campaign, business project or location and then diversify later after you have achieved some good results. This is a common practice- you don’t have to break your bank to dive into all the marketing methods discussed above.

How to Choose the Right Roofing Marketing Agency

When it comes to roofing marketing agencies, a single online search will reveal dozens of them that live near you. But how do you know whether your roofing marketing is the real deal or not? 

Here are some crucial tips to help you out;

Match their Experience and Skills to Your Unique Needs

This is crucial. Examine your roofing marketing agency skills to check whether their specialty aligns with your unique needs. Do not go for a generalist! Instead, search for a roofing agency that concentrates on a few areas and performs them very well. Such an agency will be well-placed to deliver remarkable targeted results than a big agency that does everything sparingly.

Know that it is more about Tactics and Skills

It is good to have fancy technologies, whistles, and bells (Sometimes they can assist). But when it comes to choosing a roofing marketing agency, you need an agency that is visionary to act as your partner.

Cost Should Match the Experience level and Value-added

You can be tempted to select the cheapest roofing agency out there, but know that such agencies are not worthwhile in the long run. The more qualified and experienced an agency is, the more expensive (usually), but the more they can help your business achieve its goals. Request for case studies that are specific to your roofing business and be wary of agencies that promise fake results

Partner with a Roofing Industry Expert

You can narrow down your search by looking at agencies that have experience in the roofing industry and can thus understand your unique problems. Hiring an agency that is experienced in roofing marketing can help you out.

Assess their Unique Analytical Capabilities

The ability to implement a roofing marketing strategy is only part of the process. Data analytics is an integral component of developing successful roofer marketing campaigns. Your digital marketing agency should be in a position to optimize and analyze results accordingly. You need to check whether the agency has the right analytical tools or platforms to achieve good results.

Read Client Reviews

Nowadays, customers read reviews before they make a buying decision. Thus, building an excellent online reputation is a crucial part of any roofing marketing strategy. Read online reviews first to get a glimpse of what it is like working with your roofing marketing agency.

Ask Questions

Here are some of the critical questions to ask before hiring any roofing marketing agency:

  • How long have they been operating the business?
  • Are they members of professional associations that are crucial to your roofing industry?
  • What services do they offer?
  • How did they help other roofers achieve results?
  • What is their level of expertise?
  • What is their current customer retention rate?
  • How frequently do you receive new campaign reports and updates?

What Can You Expect When Working With Blackstorm Roofing Marketing Team

 There are many roofing marketing agencies out there, but we have what it takes to make your roofing brand successful in the competitive landscape.

Here are some of the reasons that have made us stand out from our competitors:

No Long Term Contracts

Unlike other digital marketing agencies that force you to enter into cumbersome contracts with them, at Blackstorm Roofing Marketing, you only pay for services rendered. You will not be worried about being stuck in long term marketing contracts with Black storm roofing marketing.

Ownership Mentality

We market your roofing business as if it is our own. Our marketers embrace the “Think a roofer” attitude in all our marketing projects. That mentality helps us to learn every aspect of your business before developing a cut-throat digital marketing plan for you.

Take Advantage of Our Experienced Roofing Web Design Team

Our professional design team focuses on creating roofing websites that are responsive, visually-appealing, and can generate leads on auto-pilot. And when you combine that with SEO, you are going to crush your competitors online hassle-free.

Proven Approach

The most successful roofers take a strategic approach (Instead of a tactical one) when running their business. That’s why we make data-driven decisions, treat your roofing website as lead generation machine, optimize your conversion rates, and establish the credibility of your roofing business.

Industry Expertise

Over the years, we have worked with many roofers like you to achieve remarkable results. If you are searching for a digital marketing partner for your business, then we are the right agency for you!

Result Oriented

Some roofing agencies will promise you first page rankings, more conversions, and more booked jobs. But we know that there is no more significant benefit than boosting your revenue potential. That’s why we track all our marketing efforts down to your bottom line.

Excellent Customer Service

We want you to be pleased with our service (and, of course, ROI results) and refer your friends or family for assistance.

Final Thoughts

Are you planning to hire a roofing marketing agency but don’t know what to do next? Feel free to contact us; we will be glad to answer your questions. Schedule a free roofing marketing strategy session with us today.

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