A septic tank is an underground wastewater storage container usually installed in rural areas with no underground sewer system. Septic tanks should be pumped out regularly, and how often depends on the number of people using the septic tank regularly.

Constructing a septic tank is not a job for an amateur. To ensure proper septic tank installation, it is best to hire a certified plumber. Here are some things you can do when planning a septic tank construction.

  • Determine its capacity: The size of a septic tank is determined by the number of people living in the house. Ensure you consult your installer to pick the size best suits your situation.
  • Decide what type of tank to buy: Septic tanks come in various materials. Some are made of fiberglass, steel, and even concrete. Your installer will present all the options available, so you make the right choice.
  • Decide where your septic tank should be placed: Your septic tank is best placed somewhat downhill from your house. This lets you take advantage of gravity between the house and the tank by allowing waste to flow down the pipe into the tank.

Maintenance Of Septic Tanks

  1. Septic tanks should be cleaned at least twice a year. This is because as sludge continues to build at the bottom of the septic tank, the capacity of the tank decreases.
  2. Your septic tank should be filled with water when it is made functional.
  3. The effluent from the tank should be gotten rid of properly. Brickbats in the pit should also be changed from time to time.
  4. Avoid the discharge of wastewater into natural water bodies.
  5. The inlet and outlet pipe should be cleaned regularly to avoid choke-up in the system.
  6. Maintain your drain field. Your drain field is the part of your septic system responsible for removing contaminants from the liquid from your septic tank. To maintain it, do not park or drive over your drain field, maintain a good distance between your garden beds and your septic system, and keep your roof drains and other rainwater drainage systems far from your drain field area.

A well-designed and well-maintained septic tank system will be odor-free and last a long time. As a homeowner, you should stay current on the newest septic tank care and maintenance requirements. This way, you can ensure that your newly constructed system remains on top of its game as an integral component of your home.

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