How Often Does Electrical Wiring Need To Be Checked?

Electrical problems can happen in your home because even the best quality systems develop faults eventually as they are used so often. That is why a professional electrician must have your electrical system tested. 


This depends on many factors as each homeowner has different needs for their electrical system. Still, regardless of the condition your electrical system is in, experts recommend that you have a professional electrician check it out for you at least once a year. This will ensure that your home is safer, and it will also save you money on repairs and keep your mind at rest, knowing that your electrical system is functioning as it should.


Aside from the yearly inspection, there are times when your electrical system might run into some issues, and you’d need the expertise of a professional. Thes electrical issues can range anywhere from minor inconveniences to major ones. They often start as minimal hitches that homeowners ignore in hopes that they will go away. Most often than not, they do not, eventually becoming bigger problems that cause damage. As a homeowner, if you find out that your home is showing any of these signs before, do have an electrical assessment carried out:

Flickering Lights

One of the obvious signs that your electrical system might be damaged is if the lights start flickering all the time. Chances are that you have appliances that draw too much power. Hire a qualified electrician to give a proper diagnosis of the situation and a proper solution.

Hot Sockets

If you notice that your outlets are always overheating, have an electrician inspect them and replace it if needed. An overloaded circuit usually causes hot sockets.

Weird Noises

Any nose or strange smell from your electrical circuit is a sign that your wiring needs to be inspected. If you smell burning from your sockets, turn off the power and call an electrician immediately.

A regular electrical inspection is important to your home, especially if you’re moving into a previously owned home or renting. The question “ how often you should have your electrical system tested” doesn’t have a definite answer as many factors have to be considered. Still, a general rule of thumb to bear in mind is this: Asides from the annual inspection, if you feel that your house would benefit from or needs an early inspection, go for it.


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