How Long Does Plumbing School Take? – Alpha Tradesmen Academy

Aside from the obvious costs like tuition and books, attending trade school also forces apprentices to sacrifice some of their time that could be spent with family or pursuing other financial opportunities. For business owners, this could mean losing a part of the workforce for an extended period of time. The length varies depending on the school and program. Many programs last over a two-year or four-year period, similar to getting a degree at a university or community college.

Of course, two to four years is a long time to dedicate to training, especially if apprentices have families that depend on them for support. Many plumbing apprentices enter the trade from positions of significantly lower pay. This situation makes the time spent training that much harder as they try to balance their current jobs and other responsibilities with school.

Many schools offer short programs that only last a few weeks or even days. However, the training students receive in these courses is minimal compared to the thorough training received in more extended programs. Less-educated technicians become a liability to clients, business owners, and themselves that can cause severe issues if techniques are done incorrectly. Similarly, these students are also a liability to their fellow technicians since they will likely need supervision and help to fill the gaps in their training. Needless to say, this can become a hassle that significantly slows down the pace of work.

Providing a Solution

Building the next generation of plumbers does not have to be that complicated. Alpha Tradesmen Academy utilizes online training alongside genuine hands-on experience. With ATA, business owners no longer would need to give up their apprentices while they train. Instead, Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s online program provides access to materials 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This way, apprentices can take courses on their own time while still working with more experienced technicians. By allowing them to work in the field, Alpha Tradesmen Academy gives apprentices increased hands-on experience while financially benefiting both apprentices and owners alike.

In as little as six months’ time, apprentices can complete the full plumbing course and are prepared to handle plumbing calls alone. By pairing an apprentice with each existing technician, owners can see their workforce doubled within a mere six month period, meaning they can handle twice the workload and bring in more profits for the business. Likewise, apprentices would become technicians with credentials that significantly increase their value as well as the value of their company.

Alpha Tradesmen Academy understands that even the most well-trained and competent technicians can have trouble retaining 100% of the training they receive. After students have completed the course, they can still access the videos and other resources to serve as a refresher when out in the field. For example, an Alpha Tradesmen Academy graduate is now working as a plumbing technician. They are about to answer their first call on an issue with a gas water heater. They can easily use a smartphone, computer, or tablet to log in to our site and rewatch the videos on gas water heaters and reacquaint themselves with the correct methods for diagnosing and repairing issues. Now, they can confidently start their job knowing the professional way to approach the call. This way, Alpha Tradesmen Academy gives the students the value of a continuing education even after they have passed the courses.

In conclusion, most technical education programs tend to demand a great deal of time and energy. Many students and business owners are simply unable to dedicate the time, which they could otherwise use for performing jobs, making money, and earning real-world experience. While some trade schools offer quick courses, the lessons covered are not nearly as extensive as the training from a traditional program. Alpha Tradesmen Academy is designed to bring students comprehensive training with online lessons, quizzes, and exams that they can take on their own time. This means that students can work in the field and gain hands-on experience along with their online training at Alpha Tradesmen Academy. Business owners benefit from this system as well, since they can keep their employees working while ensuring they receive high quality, professional training.

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