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High-Performance Contractor Website Design Gets Your Business More Sales, Exposure, And Wallet-out Clients Every Month On Autopilot. 


We will convert your website into a 24/7 lead-generating machine that seizes, nurtures them, and makes more sales effortlessly.

Get a functional, responsive website designed with the sole objective of converting browsers into paying clients.

Our high-performance websites are created by digital growth experts and direct response marketers, not mere ‘web designers’ who aim to make an online brochure. Our handcrafted websites focus more on user experience and data, converting browsers into loyal, paying clients.

Our contractor website design services will be ideal for your business if you want to: 

  • Triple or Double Your Online Sales (at 50% of the cost): You will get twice or thrice as many clients for the same marketing or advertising spend. (Halving the cost of getting a new customer).
  • Get a Boost in online conversions (so it will start to pay off instantly): That’s right, we focus on giving you a 30% improvement on your current website conversion rate.
  • 100% ‘Done for You’ Service: Our experts will handle everything on your behalf so you can focus on growing your business. This includes writing a unique direct response sales copy responsive website built with a fully customized design. 

·         And much more


The Potent Little Response-Boosting Hack No Website Designer Will Dare Reveal To You. 

In the modern digital landscape, your contractor website has become a 24/7 sales representative, and if appropriately designed, it can skyrocket the performance of ALL your marketing channels. That’s why it makes no sense to have your contractor website built by mere designers who only know how to make it look visually appealing. Instead, you should leave your website to digital growth coaches and direct response marketers, who understand what it takes to get your contractor website to make thousands or millions of dollars on autopilot.


But, if your contractor website design converts more browsers into paying clients, then any of your competitor website-you can spend more dollars on attracting organic traffic and marketing than them.


This helps your business gain more traffic and attention and acquire clients faster and cheaper than other service contractors, ultimately allowing you to steal a vast market share. At the same time, your rivals are left begging for mercy!


If you want a contractor website that will help your business to: 


  • Outspend other contractors 2 to 1 (while earning twice as profit)
  • Gain more online traffic than any other contractor in your niche (profitably)
  • Increase your market share while your competitors beg for mercy. 
  • Rank #1 on Google AdWords for competitive keywords and still make a good profit.


At Blackstorm Design + Marketing, we don’t just create contractor websites; any designer can do that!

We build sales and marketing tools to grow your contracting company online. 

With over ten years of experience launching successful contractor websites online, we understand what works and doesn’t.  

Then you should have a free strategy session with one of our digital Growth Coaches today.

Breaking News: Shocking Details Emerge About

Brand New, Little-known Way To Double Or Triple The Sales And Number Of Leads Your Landing Page Generates for FREE!


Without spending an extra dollar more on Facebook or Google Ads.


What you are about to learn will forever change how you advertise your contracting business on Google.


Dear home service contractor, 


Let me guess, are you searching for new ways to get more clients? 


And you are planning “if only I could drive more traffic to my contractor website.”

Okay, we feel you! 


But we have a different view.


Most contractors don’t have a problem driving traffic to their websites.


What they struggle with is how to convert that traffic into actual revenue. 


There’s no shortage of organic traffic online if these stats are anything to go by:


Over 40,000 search queries are done on Google every second, with 2.8 billion Facebook users.


Walk with me,


There’s more online traffic than your contractor’s website can handle.


Sufficient to melt your browsers and send your designers into a catatonic state of amazement.


So, what’s the major problem?

Why are so many contractors struggling to get enough sales and leads? 


Well, tighten up your belt because I am about to reveal something that will change your business fortunes forever.


Here we go!


The real problem with your contractor website isn’t attracting traffic!


Because like you would head over to the supermarket and buy groceries.


You can likewise go to the Organic Traffic Supermarket, i.e., Facebook and Google. 


And purchase as much online traffic as your business wants

So, the problem isn’t traffic.


The real challenge is, getting that traffic converted into paying clients at a profitable rate. 



Being able to record high sales volume and with a fat margin to make a great profit from that online traffic. 


Got it? Awesome!


Let’s go ahead,


You see.


Most contractors are constantly shooting Messenger instead of loving them.


They blame Facebook and Google for the ever-increasing cost per click.   


They condemn them every time they start a campaign; it leaves a hole in their wallets or bank account.

But look, it is not the big G or Mark Zuckerberg that sets the cost. 


It’s your competition. Your Market. 

So instead of lamenting something you have no control over, you should concentrate on what things you can change or improve. 


And that one thing you can control is


The rate at which you convert that online traffic into clients, customers, and leads.


Don’t worry, and it’s alright.


There’s an answer to all this madness.


Here it is: there is no solution.


Relax, jeez’ I Am just joking. 


Calm down, I will tell you!


The solution is simpler and cheaper than you would expect.


You don’t have to pay an organic traffic expert 10,000s of dollars to unlock some hidden hack inside your Google AdWords account.


It doesn’t involve some little-known loophole or hack.


It doesn’t involve looking for a renowned hitman known as Vladimir to fight your competition head-on.


Heck, it is not about acquiring cheap clicks.


Cut the stories and tell him how I can avoid this nightmare.


*Clears Throat*




Well, what you need is…. 




And never takes vacations or calls in sick.


Or never gets snatched by your competitors. 


This person is referred to as: 


First name: Landing

Surname: Page

Yep, a conversion-focused landing page is like a super-powered well-dressed sales representative.

And if you create it well for the first time, it will work hard for your business day and night to bring in leads, emails, and even sales. 

Here are some landing pages we’ve created that convert like crazy.               



We have spent millions of dollars generating traffic for various home service contractors, including roofers, HVAC professionals, and plumbers. 


And we have used this traffic to generate Billions of dollars in sales for our clients. 


We have performed thousands of scientific experiments to know what doesn’t work and what does. 


So, you could attempt and figure this all out by yourself. 


Do you have to deal with a never-ending shit storm of ever-increasing ad costs, an income that’s a hit or miss, and poor conversion rates? 


Or you could obtain our whole “selling system.”


Our roadmap for booking more jobs or turning good profits.


Plus, every technique, hack, unfair advantage, tip, secret, and everything is working now in 2022 and beyond. 


Listen, there’s no need to struggle if you can find an efficient, fast way to succeed.


A ‘hack’ and ‘shortcut’ to get your contracting business results faster. 


Indeed, much faster.


But if this was not sufficient…


I want to send your greed glands an overdrive!


By giving you an awesome offer, which would be hard for any sane contractor to neglect……


And that is …….





Does this offer resonate with you? Do you want to test us?


Since this offer isn’t meant for everybody. 


Three crucial factors should exist even before you think of applying for this special offer:


1. You must be running ads on either Facebook or Google:   This opportunity is not for new home service contractors who aren’t advertising their business online. 


2. You must be ready to allow us to create Google Ads our experts can sell: Listen because we are doing this all using our money. We don’t care what your friends, spouse, business partner, or other experts think about our work. We hold all the creative control, and because the ad is ours, we can guarantee its success.


3. You must not sell anything illegal, dangerous, scammy, or involved in multi-level marketing. That is it. Does this opportunity excite you? Do you meet the above criteria? If so, book a free strategy session with one of our Growth Coaches to see if you are a perfect fit.



Where will you find a home service marketing agency giving you free money?


Since all this implies is that if we don’t outrank your current landing page, you won’t pay us a single cent.

So, you pay us:

  • No set-up fees
  • No design fees
  • No development fees
  • No copywriting fees
  • You pay us nothing

And guess what? If we outrank your current landing page (highly likely), you will still not lose any money.


Since every dollar/cent you pay us will come from excess sales, you wouldn’t have made it unless our experts built a new landing page for your business. 


Why are we giving such an incredible offer? 


Well, it’s effortless.


We practice what we preach and make amazing offers so excellent only a mad person can refuse!


This is a crucial ingredient to skyrocketing your conversion rates!   


 What next? 


Click here and schedule a free strategy session with one of our Growth Coaches to see if we are a perfect fit. 


Frequently Asked Questions         

What are the major differences between a contractor website and a landing page? 

Nice question and we get this question all the time. It all boils down to the conversions and focus, sales, leads, and actions you want visitors to take in the results.


As a primary page of a contractor website, the homepage aims to introduce your company’s services and value. Its layout and content are exceptionally crafted to pique visitors’ interest and encourage them to peruse other pages of your website. 


On the flip side, the sole focus of a landing page is conversion. It is the only page designed to trigger a particular action of the browsers. It helps to keep the browser’s attention on one thing, whether it’s scheduling an appointment or signing up for a newsletter. 


How Long Does It Take to Have a New Contractor Website Designed? 

There’s no definite answer to this question. But typically, web projects allow for one to two months from when the project starts to launch the website. The time will vary based on the complexity and customization of the new website. 


Do you require a landing page for every service you offer? 

YES. Landing pages are most potent when they are discussing one home improvement service. Why? Since it is

  • More laser-targeted
  • More informative
  • More impactful
  • More direct

What are the Significant Benefits of Hiring a Landing Page Agency? 

  • Develops brand awareness
  • Valuable insights and data generation by way of tracking users
  • It supports your business goals
  • It works hard, while you don’t 


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