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HellermannTyton introduces a new connection solution for solar panels

HellermannTyton introduces a new connection solution for solar panels

Cable management specialist HellermannTyton is introducing a brand-new solution for its UK-based solar customers. Designed to connect solar panels in series or parallel, as well as to junction boxes and other electrical components, the new solar connectors range highlights HellermannTyton’s continued commitment to providing high-quality solutions for the growing renewables industry.

The solar connectors range is made up of standard cable connectors, branch connectors and panel connectors –the latter being designed for installation directly to electrical enclosures and panels with a specifically styled connection on the end.

With simplicity at their core, the connectors take seconds to be connected or disconnected, making installation, wiring changes and maintenance easy to undertake.

Key safety features also include a secure locking mechanism which can only be released using the specially designed tool to prevent the connectors from disconnecting easily when the cables are pulled or under pressure and the specially designed ratchet feature on the connector end caps prevents them from loosening over time. The HT-SCT Solar Photovoltaic Tool is also available to crimp the solar pin connectors, this installation tool ensures a high-pressure quality connection.

Nathan Bennett, HellermannTyton’s Product Manager for Electrical Installation and Enclosures, comments: “We are delighted to introduce such a valuable product to the market, one which we see as being an effective way of introducing more of the solar industry to our high-quality fastening products.

“As experts in optimal PV cable management, we are on a mission to help our solar customers advance their projects. Our brand-new solar connectors range is designed to accommodate the high DC voltage present in residential solar power systems. Also with polarity protection, reverse polarity is virtually impossible as there as male and female versions. This reduces the risk of system damage from wiring mistakes.”

Unlike some of the lower quality alternatives on the market which do not perform well in harsh environments or cause issues during installation, HellermannTyton’s solar connectors boast an IP68 rating and high UV protection to withstand years of harsh weather conditions using high quality materials this range of products guarantee long-term reliability.

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