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Genesis Systems WaterCube 100 – Plumbing Perspective

Genesis Systems WaterCube 100, WaterCube, HVAC, plumbing, Genesis, PHVAC, Renewable Water from Air (RWA), WaterCube 100A new smart home appliance creates water from the moisture in the air at scale. The WaterCube 100 (WC-100) is an IoT-enabled home and office appliance that is the size of an HVAC unit and sustainably generates more than 100 gallons of fresh water daily from the air around it — enough for a household of four. The WaterCube 100 uses Renewable Water from Air (RWA) technology that mimics nature’s process of extracting water from the air.

Designed for ease of maintenance and reliability, the WaterCube 100 represents a technological leap forward and a significant change from conventional water sourcing methods, such as municipal supplies, wells, or drought-prone bodies of water. It supplies homeowners with enough clean, drinkable water to meet their household’s daily water demand, reducing or eliminating dependence on municipal water grids or wells. Created for home or office, WaterCube 100 (WC-100) allows users to produce fresh water quickly. From the moment WaterCube 100 powers on, users gain peace of mind knowing they have clean, affordable water their way.

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