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Garage Construction Cost – Refresh Remodeling of Richmond VA

Wanting to add space for your cars may require you to be aware that there are several things that you need to consider, especially if you are mainly concerned about the garage construction cost. To help you keep track of your expenses, here is what you should keep in mind. 

The Size 

If you want to have enough space for your two mid-size cars with additional space for you to walk around, the basic measurement plan is 24′ x 24′. However, if you have larger vehicles, then you will need an even larger space to fit it in. To make sure you have enough space, it would be better to measure your cars’ lengths first and then add about 3 feet. 


Building Site 

After planning the blueprint of your garage, the next step is to find a suitable site location. The following are some important things you need to keep in mind to help you decide which contractor you should hire to prepare your construction site. 

  1. Check if your site needs the removal of huge trees or digging to make level ground for construction. If the area requires to be excavated, you need an excavator and an arborist to ensure that your site is clear. 
  2. Also, check if you already have a level spot in your yard, which will be enough for your footprint and additional space for the driveway. Then, you will only need a slab-on-grade foundation, which is a cheaper option. 
  3. If your site is sloped, you may need a retaining wall and footings to pour a foundation. Make sure to evaluate your needs.  

Building Type  

The dimensions and your construction site are already figured out, which means that it is time that you decide on how it should look like and what types of materials should be used. The materials to be used will depend on how you want your garage to look like, especially when you want it to match the rest of your home’s architecture. 


Building a garage involves running the power and water to the building site. This often becomes a challenge, and utilities can sometimes be an added expense. 


For single or two outlets on the site, you may use or bury and single cable that runs from the electric panel of your home. But if you’re like most people who want to have lights and automatic doors in their garage area, you may need more outlets to accommodate everything. To know the hose spigot and electrical wiring and installation cost, you will need to communicate with a licensed electrician and a plumber. 


Drawings, Permits, and Inspections 

Certain building codes, ordinances, building inspections, and permit processes pertain to different places. Your garage may be one of those that should comply with construction standards to ensure it endures and is suited for its environment. Keep in mind that upgrades may be an added expense. 


To homeowners, looking into local codes and permit processes before starting the construction will always be smart. Looking into it early can help you save time and money and avoid any mistakes in the future. 

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