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Five Best Roofing Systems for Your Home

Except for major renovating jobs like renovating a kitchen or bathroom, installing new roofing is among the highest-priced remodeling projects a homeowner encounters. Deciding on what roofing system you want is one of the most important decisions you can make when getting a new home. With so many options available, it could be confusing which one would be the best for you. This article will highlight the top five roofing systems that are available for you. Our list considers factors like architectural authenticity, durability, price, energy efficiency, and weather endurance.

Built-up Roofing Jersey City

1. Built-Up Roofing (BUR) 

Built-up roofing systems have been around for at least a hundred years. They’re nothing new. The installation process and materials used have evolved, but the fundamental principles are still the same.

Built-Up roofing has an average lifespan of 20 to 30 years and sometimes lasts up to 40 years depending on the quality and climate. BUR tends to last longer in warmer climates than colder climates. Its maintenance costs are also quite low.

BUR also provides great protection against ultraviolet light and excellent waterproofing. 

Wood Shingle Roof Jersey City

2. Wood Shingle Roof 

These roofs are made from thin pieces of wood — shaped like wedges. The wood for this roofing system is obtained from high-quality sources such as Cedar or Pine. They are pleasing to the eye, but they require specialized skills to install. This roofing system has an average lifespan of 25 to 30 years. Although they are quite durable, they are not suitable for areas with a high risk of fire hazards. When maintained properly, they can last as long as 50 years. 

Standing Seam Metal Roof Jersey City

3. Standing Seam Metal Roof

Unlike the Wood Shingle Roof, the Standing Seam Metal Roofs are quite popular in areas that are prone to wildfires. Metallic roofs are impact-proof and will last well in bad conditions (additionally, the sound of rain over a steel roof is wonderful). Also, they need a lot of significantly less maintenance than most roof structure components. They can be very energy efficient—while shingles tend to hover around the outside temperature (whether great or reduced), steel roofs act as an organic insulator. This helps to keep your own home colder during summer and hotter during cold temperatures.

A standing seam roof is considered the most resilient type of any metal roof structure and may very well last over 30 years.

Slate Roofing Jersey City

4. Slate Roofing 

A roof made out of slate can last as long as 75–150 years. One of many earliest roof components, slate is additionally one of the most pricey. Concerning durability, slate appears outside the competition. It is both fireproof and virtually invincible, generally in most bad conditions. Note that installation needs to be carefully executed—slate ceramic tiles can break under the bodyweight from the regular individual.

Slate is probably the most expensive component mainly because it can last for up to a century, and in case the roofing is properly made more than 150 many years. Because of this, slate is undoubtedly an incredibly lasting roof material.

Faux Slate Roofing Shingles Jersey City

5. Faux Slate Roofing Shingles

Synthetic slate roof covering looks like an authentic slate roof covering, except it’s made from plastic-type material and silicone materials. Producers of these slate roof covering offer numerous types of variations that fit nearly any home, from contemporary to French Colonial. It costs less to install and, in addition, lasts for a longer time than authentic slate. Additionally, they maintain a good physical appearance for several years. A lot more roofing businesses can set them up compared to slate, which needs a higher amount of expertise.

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