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Etiquette of Private Flights – Mid America Jet

Flying private is a luxurious experience. You can fly in any weather, you have your own personal flight attendants, and the seats are more comfortable than a coach. But with all that luxury comes responsibility! We’re here to help you navigate the intricacies of flying Private so that you don’t embarrass yourself or your company on an important flight.

Be Time Conscious

while it is a private jet, you still have to arrive early. you already have the luxury of booking a time that suits you, so make sure you stick to it. if you have an emergency that will prevent you from arriving early, make sure you call ahead and apologize to the pilot and other workers. When flying private you get to avoid the time-consuming process of boarding commercially therefore make sure not to keep the workers waiting 

Tip The Pilot 

While it is not customary to tip the pilot when boarding commercially, it is advisable when flying privately. In a private jet, you get to interact with the pilot more and they are providing you with an essential service. Also, tipping the pilot keeps you in good book. 

Do Not Over Pack 

Private jets are much smaller than commercial ones. Private jet are built to accommodate about twenty people and therefore lightweight. Private jet always have a weight restriction, therefore be conscious of this and remember to pack light. Proper clothing is an important aspect of private jet etiquette. Depending on the situation, you should dress in accordance with the dress code.If a business partner has invited you to ride on a private jet, you should research the acceptable dress code ahead of time and dress accordingly. If you’re chartering the plane, you and the other passengers should dress appropriately. Traveling aboard a private plane is a cause for celebration and embodies luxury, so wearing a hoodie and jeans is not exactly fitting. You should dress up and throw a party onboard to make the most of your trip! Of course, don’t get too rowdy.


Respect The Host

The final rule of private jet etiquette is to respect the host. This is for when someone offers you to join them as a passenger on a private jet. The host is whoever pays for the flight, regardless of whether or not they own the plane. Being invited is a privilege, and you should treat it as such. Allowing the host to choose their seat first, bringing them a gift to say thank you, and being a pleasant and polite guest are all acceptable etiquette.These five private jet etiquette tips can help you have a comfortable flight while avoiding any potential humiliation. Flying aboard a private aircraft will be an unforgettable experience, so make the most of it by following protocol!

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