DuPont launches new Tyvek Protec PSU Peel and Stick Underlayment

On Tuesday, DuPont announced the launch of its latest addition to the company’s roofing underlayment product line: the Tyvek Protec PSU peel-and-stick underlayment, designed to provide high-temperature and UV resistance along with a slip-resistant walking surface and split liner for easy installation.

Among its attributes touted by DuPont, the company said Tyvek Protec PSU also offers ICC-ES code report and achieved FL/Miami-Dade certification in a Feb. 27 news release. The product debuted at the International Builders’ Show this week in Las Vegas, with a full commercial scale-up taking place later in 2024.

the Tyvek Protec PSU peel-and-stick underlayment is designed for ease of installation.The self-adhered Tyvek Protec PSU product is intended for critical areas of the roof, including eaves and valleys that are more susceptible to water leaks. The adhesive layer, composed of rubberized asphalt, is an additional sealant, offering protection at fasteners and nails compared to a mechanically attached sheet. 

Dupont said the product also functions as a shield against water intrusion due to wind-driven rain and ice dams, allowing it to cater to different climates and regions.

“Tyvek Protec PSU completes DuPont’s portfolio of roof underlayment products, allowing for a single supplier for both mechanically attached underlayment and PSU,” said Victoria Raineri, residential marketing manager for DuPont. “This ensures brand continuity, making it easier to address codes with products from one cohesive portfolio.”

DuPont added that Tyvek Protec PSU peel-and-stick underlayment meets or exceeds industry and code requirements, and the product allows for a single source for all roof underlayment needs. 

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