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Don’t overlook the correct specification of junction boxes | Hensel

Don’t overlook the correct specification of junction boxes | HenselDon’t overlook the correct specification of junction boxes | Hensel

In the ever-evolving landscape of electrical installations, safety, functionality, efficiency and adherence to regulations are paramount considerations for any electrician. Here, the team at Hensel looks at the potential consequences of overlooking the correct specification of junction boxes.

Cables that are supplying safety circuits need to satisfy the requirements of the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) and, as such, must have a fire resistance rating in accordance with regulations for building elements. However, an often-overlooked component within a safety circuit is junction boxes.

It’s crucial to recognise the potential consequences of overlooking the correct specification of junction boxes, especially when using fire-rated cables. Fire incidents are indiscriminate, and maintaining system integrity requires junction boxes to match the rating of the cables used. Failure to do so can have significant financial and reputational implications.

The industry’s traditional approach

Traditionally, the industry has relied on galvanised boxes fitted with ceramic terminals, normally assembled by electricians on-site.

This approach often proves time-consuming, requiring the painstaking sourcing and assembly of individual components, often leaving a product untested and without compliance certification and potentially compromising installation safety and regulatory compliance.

To support this need, Hensel offers a comprehensive range of products that are tested and approved to maintain circuit integrity and provide both system designer and installer with the peace of mind that in the event of fire a critical circuit shall operate as intended.

The Hensel FK range is engineered to provide advanced fire protection and insulation integrity – crucial attributes for safeguarding circuits during fire incidents.

Tested for intrinsic fire resistance E30 up to E90 and insulation integrity PH120 in accordance with BE EN 50200, in combination with insulation retaining cables and glow wire test in accordance with IEC 60695-2-11: 960°C, the FK range of junction boxes ensure a secure enclosure for electrical terminations.

In addition, Hensel enclosures are also IP65/IP66 rated, ensuring suitability for indoor or outdoor applications, aiding procurement as one standard range can be used throughout a typical commercial or industrial installation.

Ease of use and installation convenience is always at the forefront of Hensel’s thinking when designing products. With this in mind the FK range features screw anchors, ceramic connecting terminals resistant to high temperatures, as well as multi-level knockouts for cable glands.

The benefits to electricians

Electricians benefit from flexibility and effectiveness during installation, further facilitated by the quick quarter-turn closure mechanism, providing a secure seal with visible indication that the enclosure lid is locked in position.

By choosing Hensel FK fire rated junction boxes, system designers and electrical professionals can prove compliance to standards, while also saving installation time. The FK range streamlines the installation process by providing all necessary components in one package.

Moreover, the reliability of the range extends beyond compliance and efficiency. With thorough certifications and rigorous testing, these junction boxes offer assurance of performance and reliability for critical electrical installations.

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