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Roofing business owners wear plenty of hats -daily, but one of the most important is knowing how to obtain more cash flow to operate your business. From paying your employees, to produce the best service imaginable, you need to ensure cash is coming in so that you can operate efficiently. The amount of incoming leads your business is obtaining has a direct correlation with the cash flow you’re receiving as a business, and therefore, you need fresh, incoming leads in your Roofing business, to ensure you can operate as efficiently as possible.


In the past ten years, technology and the world have changed. And, thinking as far back as 20 to 30 years, the changes are even greater. Technology is king today. Just think about how Apple introduced the first smartphone to the market, this was back in 2007. Since then, how many versions of the iPhone have we seen, and how many changes and technological advancements have occurred? Too many to count!

Smartphones are owned by and used by everyone today. And, one of the many things they’re using these devices for, is to find local businesses in any niche. Only small percentages, however, of these users, fit what is considered the “modern-day” customer. These are the people you’re trying to target as a business owner when you’re looking to increase the Roofing incoming leads you’re obtaining as potential buyers in your industry.


You need to understand that people are searching for your Roofing services online. So, you need to know what you can do as a business owner, to ensure you’re found by these potential customers online.

Get Found Almost Instantaneously

If this sounds too good to be true, it isn’t! If you are in a position of need in your Roofing business that you need incoming leads asap we have a solution for you. Our solution to this particular problem is starting a Google Search Ad campaign. With Google Ads (Formerly known as AdWords) you are able to set up a campaign and within an hour or two, your ads are displaying in the search result for keywords or search phrases your ideal modern-day consumer would be using to find local Roofing companies.

Ready to get started with Google Ads and PPC marketing? If you would like to learn more about our Google Search Ad Services (PPC) where we set everything up for you, by clicking here. We’ll point you in the right direction for setting up your campaign and help you do so, to ensure you’re obtaining the incoming leads that are going to turn into sales, regardless of the industry Roofing your company is in.

Get The Highest Volume and Highest Quality Leads Overtime

People who are searching for your specific Roofing services, are the highest quality of incoming leads you can possibly obtain. The reason for this is that they are already searching for what you are offering. As a business owner, you don’t have to go out and look for these people, you already know they want what you are offering as a service. Therefore, you’ll want to rank highly in the organic section of Google, to ensure you’re being seen by these Roofing incoming leads, that are looking for what you are selling.

Many believe that since the Google organic section is under the leads section the volume isn’t as high, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Organically ranked listings have always been the ones that are most clicked on by searchers, and research on this topic can back this up. So, the higher up you can rank in the organic section of Google, the easier it is going to be for you to realize an increase in the incoming leads you’re seeing, that are potentially going to become new customers down the road. If you want to see a breakdown of Google Click searches, you can click here to find out more about the studies that have been conducted on the topic.

Get On The Map

Google maps are yet another untapped resource in today’s world of incoming leads for your Roofing business. The app is not only used by virtually anyone on a smartphone or device, but also via the desktop app. Being found on iPhone Maps or Android devices will instantly make it easier for you to obtain more incoming leads that turn into customers over time. We offer local SEO services. Click here to learn how we can help you get seen on iPhone Maps and learn how you can get found locally within your Roofing industry online… Click here to learn more. 

Get Found Socially

If you are wanting the highest amount of leads this could be a great option for you to reach your target demographic. Advertising an unbelievable offer that your Roofing customer can’t resist, is the best way to get them to click on the offer, visit your site, and to obtain those incoming leads, through the power of social media advertising campaigns. Increasing the volume of leads is achievable with the power of social media marketing.

Ready to start a campaign? Click here to learn more about our social media advertising services to help your business increase incoming leads to your site.


If you’re ready to do so, our Lead Acceleration Strategy Session can help you do just that. We’ll help you increase your overall incoming Roofing leads. We’ll do this by studying your specific business, it’s local competition, and then we’ll show you where you currently stand then how you can improve. Apply today to help your business realize its true growth potential for a Roofing company in your local area.

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