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– Design Trends: Residential Roofing 2020

Roof design is moving toward an increasing focus on beauty and design. With more builders utilizing roof space as living space, the look of the roof itself becomes a bigger priority. Another trend linked directly to this is consistent use of color from the top to the bottom of the home.

Currently up-trending among contemporary architects and builders, the single-color home profile, where the roof matches the exterior envelope and trims, is evident on gabled modern homes. However, a full range of home architecture styles, including traditional, are also demonstrating this aesthetic. The visual effect is one in which the viewer’s eye is drawn to the entire home silhouette as the primary focus rather than to the space just below the roofline.

With a growing emphasis on the uniform, single-color home exterior, a trend is emerging toward a single material utilized on the exterior walls and roof. Many people envision this single material aesthetic when thinking of a log cabin or commercial structure; however, it’s also on the rise among progressive spec and custom builds across the U.S. While wood and standing seam metal have been the materials most used to date, all-over clay tile exteriors are also trending upward, indicating that clay tile roofing is well positioned to be an increasing part of this growing movement.

The revival of the shake clay roofing tile profile is also emerging at the fringes of the gabled modern and contemporary home styles as part of the single material use trend. For the first time, shake tile is being associated with modern, clean, contemporary styles. Additionally, these all-over exterior tile applications ultimately point to a rise in new roof tile profiles, especially those that reflect visually interesting, dynamic patterns.


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