Dear Anna: Where Do I Use AI in Marketing?

Artificial intelligence remains one of the most talked about pieces of technology, and for good reason – it is reshaping how companies do business, including those in the roofing industry. In fact, it became the main topic of the 2024 International Roofing Expo’s keynote presentation.

The Artificial Intelligence Index Report for 2024 recently rolled out, and shows that AI does make workers more productive and can lead to higher-quality work. That being the case, how can roofing companies utilize AI to their benefit?

In this episode of “Dear Anna,” Anna Anderson, CEO of Art Unlimited, breaks down some must-know facts about AI and how to use it when marketing your company.

“Treat it as a human extension of you. Talk to it in that manner. And that’s critical, as you want to transition from a very computerized output to a personalized output,” Anderson said.

AI models work by using provided data to make predictions and generate output. Anderson explains how the more testing and data a roofing company puts into an AI model, the more accurate its output will be.

With that in mind, she said contractors should think about using AI-related tools to assist with human-implemented tasks, such as writing bios or company stories.

“There’s common best practices and that’s what I wanted to highlight is leverage the tool, feed the tool, manage the tool and make sure you’re adding that human element to it,” she said.

For more ideas, listen to the full episode here, and be sure to check out previous “Dear Anna” episodes for additional marketing advice.

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