Content to Add or Keep Off Your Roofing Website

Do you want to create an improved Roofing website for your company?
Would you like to draw in more clients than ever before?

Of course, every business owner wants a lot of potential clients to call them and to schedule jobs. But not all of them have the opportunity to interact with a high number of customers. This happens because there are certain types of content that might really scare them off the website, which means the chances of them becoming your customers will turn to dust.

Here are some things that might prevent you from getting more customers with your Roofing website:

Contact Info

It’s the key element. People want to find you. They might have questions or perhaps they actually want to buy. If your contact info is hidden somewhere on your website, any potential customer will just close the website altogether. Make the Contact Info very clearly visible.

Copied Content

Never copy articles or any kinds of material from other sources. Make sure everything is original. If you’re spotted copying content, the potential customer will never come back to the website.

The overall look and style

A Roofing website doesn’t have to be loaded with all kinds of links and distracting things. Often times a simple but clear website is preferred.
It is highly recommended to avoid unnecessary elements. They don’t only look cheesy and unprofessional, but they slow down the loading time. No one likes to wait and most likely no one will.

People associate a bad website with bad products.

That’s why your website needs to look flawless. Here you can apply the rule ‘less is more’. Don’t add snowflakes, glittery areas or anything that might be disturbing to the eye and even block the page. If it’s not important for the brand, just set it aside.

If the users won’t get to see your website soon, they will just click away. That means they’ll take the sale with them too. Make things easy for them. This will also keep things simple for you as the more you complicate things, the longer will take to have a great website ready.

Links and navigation

How well can someone navigate? Is everything within reach or do they have to hunt for information?
Have a good look at each and every page. Analyze if the viewers can quickly determine where is the information they need.
All the links to the home page should be easy to find. It’s best to avoid hyperlinks within the text as they usually tend to look pretty spammy and that’s the last thing you want. Your business needs to look highly professional and it’s a pity to ruin that by adding things that shouldn’t be there.
Don’t ever forget the navigation bar on top as it will be the one that all the viewers will be looking for. Also, links should open in new windows to boost the time that the visitors spend on your Roofing website.


They are good for business but they can be disadvantageous too if you go overboard and use too many of them. Go for pop-ups for email list signups. Make them effective by going for lighter ones that gray out the background. Don’t be too pushy with pop-ups and rather use them rarely.

Photos and Sounds

Just forget about sounds that turn on automatically as a user enters a website. All of them will just close the window.
Not to mention how they might disturb the potential clients and really annoy them. Not everyone can hear sounds. Some people view the website in places where they need to be silent.

If it’s necessary to have sound, require the viewer to press ‘Play’. In this way, only who really wants to hear something will do so.
Compressed photos are the way to go. Slow loading times lead to lost revenue. A Roofing website should contain compressed photos as the longer it takes to load, the less are the chances to attract the customer.

You only have a few seconds to captivate someone’s attention. Use them wisely and don’t waste any moment with loading times. Good photos should be available immediately so the users won’t be forced to wait at all.

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