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Color Roofing and just how It Affects Your Own Home

Most popular roof colors 2021A cool roof is a roof covering system that delivers greater solar reflectance (the capability to reflect the obvious, infrared, and ultraviolet wavelengths in the direct sunlight, decreasing temperature transfer on the building) and better thermal emittance (the capability to radiate absorbed or non-reflected solar energy) than the commonly made roof covering goods. Historically, cool roofing has already been either white-colored as well as other lighter shade color. However, that power changed recently with the growth of residential cool roof items like Landmark Solaris and Presidential Solaris that may obtain EnergyStar® competent solar reflectivity quantities even in dark, rich colors. Cool roofing can also boost roof sturdiness and minimize chilling building loads and the downtown temperature island effect.

How It Operates

Most roofing on the earth (including over 90% in the roofing in the United States) is dark-colored. From the heat of the whole direct sunlight, the top of your black roof can boost in temperature by a lot more than 100 °F on the ambient temperatures, hitting temperature ranges up to 190 °F. This boost in surface temperatures can bring about:

  • Higher chilling power use and increased electricity bills
  • Decreased indoors convenience
  • Increased damage of roof covering components, more significant roof routine maintenance costs, and high quantities of roof covering waste delivered to trash dumps.
  • Greater top electric power demand (the highest power load an electrical utility experiences to provide consumers instantaneously, typically experienced in summer late afternoons as businesses and houses turn up their ac units), increased electric power production costs, plus a potentially overburdened power grid
  • Greater air pollution as a result of intensification in the “heat island effect”


Any building using a dark-colored roof will consume much more power for air cooling than a “cooler” building – a force on both operating costs and the electric power grid. Cool roof goods, including Landmark Solaris shingles, Presidential Solaris shingles, and Cool Star commercial cool roof covering merchandise, provide immediate and long-term price savings in building power costs. The EPA reviews that cool roofing can:

Lessen power use: A cool roof moves a lot less heat on the building listed below, so the building stays colder and employs a lot less air cooling power.

Lessen air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions: By reducing power use, cool roofing decreases the production of associated air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Improve human health and convenience: Cool roofing can reduce air temperature ranges inside buildings with and without air cooling, preventing heat-associated ailments and fatalities.

Our Landmark Solaris and Presidential Solaris shingles are excellent types of cool home roof covering products that increase artistic appeal.

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