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Cerberus FIT – the smart but simple solution | Siemens

Cerberus FIT – the smart but simple solution | SiemensCerberus FIT – the smart but simple solution | Siemens

Siemens offers a range of fire safety systems designed to provide the flexibility to meet the requirements of many different buildings.

Developed specifically for small to medium sized applications – from retail and leisure facilities to warehouses, restaurants, primary schools and nursing homes – Cerberus FIT offers a smart but simple solution. It provides a cost-effective option for moving from conventional to addressable systems in an EN54-13 approved system designed with ease of installation and ease of use as its core guiding principles.

Cerberus FIT offers automatic device programming through an easy to open and use programming tool embeded within the panel, with a simple user-interface which requires only basic fire system knowledge. It has been designed to be exceptionally easy and intuitive, both in engineering and in use. It can accommodate up to 252 devices on a one or two loop system, with Siemens providing freely avaiable online training and self learning videos covering a range of common topics.

It is a completely open protocol system, providing early and reliable detection. The detectors provide immunity to deceptive phenomena, eliminating false alarms and therefore avoiding unnecesary business disturbances.

It also brings clarity of voice instructions to smaller projects, assisting with orderly and fast evacuation.

Siemens recently announced the appoinment of Videcon as a new strategic partner for Cerberus FIT, with the company adding it to its existing portfolio of fire and security products and services.

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