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It’s not true that your home is haunted. The sounds coming from your pipes are more likely to be caused by a plumbing problem than by supernatural forces. These sudden plumbing noises can be both irritating and alarming. These noises may potentially signify major plumbing problems that need to be addressed right once. So, what are your pipes attempting to communicate with you? In this blog, we’ll go through five frequent pipe noises and the most common reason for the commotion.


1. Banging

The most common cause of banging noises in the pipes is a lack of water pressure or flow. Water hammers and trapped air bubbles are two of the most typical reasons. When a faucet or valve is turned off abruptly, it causes a water hammer. The water rushing toward that exit has a lot of momentum, which generates a tremendous bang when it hits the closed valve. A series of minor bangs in your pipes can potentially be caused by water hammers. Due to a problem with the waterline, air can become trapped in your pipes. If the air in the pipes is causing the pounding, it will usually happen when you first turn on a faucet. As the air bubble travels, you may notice sputtering. Both of these problems might arise for a variety of causes, necessitating the assistance of a professional to assess and resolve the issue.

2. Humming

Your pipes may vibrate if your water pressure is too high for the system’s capacity. When the water is running, this vibration may produce a buzzing sound. Overly high water pressure can occur in any home, although it is most common in well-watered properties. Check the pressure at the tank if you have a well. In general, this value should not exceed 55 pounds per square inch.

If you don’t have access to a water pressure reading, have a professional check it and make any necessary modifications to minimize any humming noises.

3. Gurgling

When your pipes are having trouble draining, they may make a characteristic glugging or gurgling sound to protest. This noise usually signals the presence of pipe obstruction. An object washed down the drain by accident, built-up soap scum or other debris, or mineral and hard water deposits on the sides of the pipes can all cause an obstruction. Pipe obstructions and, by extension, most gurgling or sucking noises are resolved by expert drain cleaning.

4. Rattling

The majority of your pipes run behind walls, ceilings, and floors. Pipes dangling in the air must be firmly attached. When water moves through a segment of pipe that has become loose or fallen away, you may hear a rattling noise.

Because the pipe is likely buried, you may need to hire an expert to locate it, lock it, and eliminate the noise.

5. Whistling or Squealing

The faucets and valves in your plumbing system rely on a variety of small components to function properly. When a washer or other minor component wears out, screaming or whistling may be heard when that portion of piping is utilized.

Broken and worn washers are most commonly found near your dishwasher or washing machine. If you hear squeaks or squeals near those appliances when you turn them on, have a plumber inspect all of the valve components.


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