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How to navigate electrical reflections in circuits

John Hayhurst, Electrical Tutor at City Skills SCC, provides a guide to navigating electrical reflections in circuits. In this article, I’m looking to challenge your grasp of electromagnetism and explore the intricate realm of electrical reflections in circuits. This guide aims to provide an introduction to the subject, with a special emphasis on incorporating the […]

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Made 2 Measure: Is the PE Pre-Test feature important when testing EV chargepoints?

Working on your own? Need some technical advice? Don’t know where to turn? The technical team at Megger answers the latest technical query from end users. YOU ASK: I NEED TO BUY AN ADAPTOR SO THAT I CAN USE MY MULTIFUNCTION INSTALLATION TESTER (MFT) TO TEST ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGEPOINTS. I’VE NOTICED THAT THE MEGGER EVCA210 […]