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Have you been thinking about switching things up in your home? Turning your attic into a more functional space is a great idea. The options for an attic remodel are endless, and we will go over some of them and some of the things you should consider before getting started on a remodel.

5 Things To Consider When Undergoing An Attic Remodel


Ceiling Height

When renovating your attic space, you must get acquitted with the local building and safety codes. In most codes, the height of at least half a finished attic must be about 7 feet.


To make the attic more comfortable, new insulation would be needed, and we recommend getting foam insulation. Although costlier than the common fiberglass, it performs better and will use less space, which is crucial in attic renovation.


The flooring must be sturdy enough to take the weight of individuals and furniture you will use in the space. Bringing an engineer at the start of the project might be needed to avoid any issues later.


Consider how much natural light you want in your attic renovation. Depending on what you want, the renovators would either recommend skylights with more or fewer windows.

Once you’ve considered the above, you can begin planning your attic remodel. Below are great attic renovation ideas.

An Extra Bedroom

This is an excellent option if your family is growing, you have visitors often, or you want an additional bedroom. Consult with an experienced contractor about the general layout and floor plan to prevent issues with bathroom plumbing and other things.

A Home Gym

Wouldn’t it be great if your gym was right there in your home and you didn’t have to leave the comfort of your home to get a good workout? You can turn your attic into a home gym or a yoga studio. Ensure that the floors are sturdy enough to handle the weight of the gym equipment.

An Office Space

For homeowners who run their businesses, having a home office could be just what you need. Is your attic just a storage place? You can convert it into an office space to suit your “work from home” situation. Your layout should fit a desk and a bookshelf, and a window or skylight would add natural light to the room.

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