Private Jet Charters

Advantages of Flying with a Private Jet Charter

The primary distinction between flying first class and chartering a private jet is that the former is focused entirely on the passenger, while the latter is all about the airline. When you charter a private jet, you can fly wherever you want, whenever you want, and in a space that is made just for you. Aside from the luxury of the experience, there are many other reasons to fly privately, which we’ll talk about in this article.

1.) You get to choose the aircraft you want

What’s your style? Do you like classic or modern? Would you rather have a seven or 14-seater aircraft? These are some of the things you get to decide when chartering a private jet. Private jet companies provide you with a wide array of aircraft of different sizes, styles, and features. The ball is in your court to decide which suits you.

2.) You get to land closer to your destination

When you fly via private jet, you get to decide where the terminals for takeoff and landing are located. If you live in close proximity to a small private airport, you may also choose to depart from there in order to avoid the traffic at the larger airports. Following takeoff, your private jet charter can land at any airport that is closest to the location of your final destination.

3.) Your pet can sit beside you

Not all commercial airlines allow you to carry your pet aboard or charge you heavily for it. Spending many hours in cargo might be a terrible experience for them as well but that isn’t the case when you charter a private jet; you get to have your pet sitting right next to you, enjoying the same level of comfort as you.

4.) Enjoy some privacy

One of the major benefits of flying private is having the entire aircraft to yourself. You get to have confidential meetings if you wish and work with little or no interruptions. You won’t be able to get this with commercial airlines.

5.) Kitchen of your choice

The menu of your private jet has been designed to meet your desires down to your preferred tea, and commercial airlines don’t provide this level of customization.

We understand flying private may be expensive but you can share the cost with family or business associates. The next time you have a family or business trip to make, consider flying with a private jet.

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