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A Roundup Of Your Favorite Restaurants In The North Richland Hills, TX

A list of restaurants in North Richlands Hills you must absolutely try out:

Red Lobster

This restaurant’s special deal includes delicious shrimp scampi, mussels, and scallops. The flavor of good biscuits, cheesecakes, and ice cream is pleasant. You will be served a delectable pia colada or a fine wine. According to the reviews, servers serve good tea.


For the convenience of its customers, Red Lobster offers food delivery. This establishment’s well-trained staff demonstrates a high level of quality. Visitors like the pleasant service provided here. At this location, you may eat for a reasonable price. The exotic ambiance and exquisite decor will undoubtedly appeal to you. This eatery received a 4.1 rating from Google users.

Red Hot And Blue, North Richland Hills

When you’re in the area, stop by this barbeque for some tasty pork ribs, fried chicken, and smoked turkey. Delicious biscuits and nicely cooked cobbler are on the menu. It could be fun to try some tasty craft beer. You can have some excellent ice tea here.


Red Hot & Blue is noted for its excellent service and pleasant personnel that are always willing to assist you. This establishment’s prices are worth noting because they are fair. The decor is fantastic, as many people observe. People are positively influenced by the pleasant atmosphere. It has a Google rating of 4.2, therefore you can choose this location to spend some time.


Babe’s Chicken

You will, in fact, enjoy wonderful fried chicken, fried catfish, and lettuce salads. Many people come here to sample the excellent biscuits, banana pies, and cobbler. You will never forget the wonderful tea you can have.


Takeout is available at Babe’s Chicken. Visitors are welcomed all year by the expert personnel. Clients agree that the service here is enjoyable. This establishment claims to have democratic prices. The tranquility and lovely decor will undoubtedly appeal to you. This location has received a 4.5-star rating from Google users.

Bosses Pizza Wings & Burgers

Take a break at this pizzeria and order some tasty cheeseburgers, pizza salads, and buffalo chicken. It’s good to have a tasty beer. Bosses Pizza has a significant advantage in terms of food delivery. The personnel is well-trained, which is a beneficial quality of this establishment. Clients appreciate the excellent service provided here. This restaurant provides good food at reasonable costs. The unusual environment may be found here most of the time. Visitors have given this pizzeria a 4.5 rating on Google.

Chan’s Mongolian Grill

Mongolian food draws tourists looking for a unique experience. Try the excellently prepared mushroom soup, scallops, and egg drop soup at this restaurant. The flavor of good ice cream is wonderful. Positive feedback on a delicious tea.


Chan’s Mongolian Grill is noted for its excellent service and pleasant personnel who are always willing to assist. You’ll like the reasonable prices. The ambiance is unusual, and many visitors enjoy the aesthetic of this establishment. The most appropriate score, according to Google users who visited this location, is 4.7.

Chapps Burgers

Clients visit NRH2O Family Water Park to see the sights and reserve a table for a delicious supper. This restaurant’s chef prepares succulent burgers, steak, and grilled chicken. It’s nice to have a cup of tasty coffee, lemonade, or tea.


Chapps has a significant advantage in terms of food delivery. This establishment’s good ratings would not be feasible without its well-trained employees. Visitors like the quick service provided here. This restaurant provides a wide variety of food at reasonable costs. Guests will feel at ease here thanks to the fantastic decor and great environment. This eatery had a 4.3 rating on Google.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Take a break and enjoy some delicious sliced brisket, chicken, or pork. This barbeque may delight you with its delectable peach cobbler. Don’t pass up the chance to sample some excellent tea.


Dickey’s is known for its excellent service and pleasant personnel who are always willing to assist you. If you want to eat here, you should expect to pay reasonable pricing. The atmosphere is unusual, according to numerous reviews. However, Google users do not think highly of this location, giving it a below-average rating.


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