8 Signs That Your Roofing Business Needs a New Website

With a well-optimized Website, you can Generate more high-quality leads, extend your reach, and Crush Your Competition

Every roofing business needs a website for it to survive in a competitive roof contracting business. This is because your roofing website is the online face of your company and is one of the best sources of sales and leads.

While that roofing website you designed many years ago may still look navigable and functional, it might not be appealing to your current prospects, thus causing your business to lose leads and conversion opportunities.

While some red flags that your roofing website needs to be redesigned are pretty obvious, others are not easily noticeable. Here are tell-tale signs indicating that your roofing website needs to be redesigned:


1st Sign: Your Roofing Website does not perform well on Mobile Devices

With over 50% of all online searches conducted nowadays conducted through smartphones, your roofing website must perform optimally with mobile devices for your business to remain competitive in the roofing landscape. Also, Google nowadays penalizes roofing websites that are not mobile-optimized. If your roofing website is not mobile-compatible, it will not rank high in search results.

Of course, ranking low in search results leads to reduced website traffic and roofing sales.

Having a roofing website that works well with mobile devices is nowadays crucial. If your roofing website is not mobile-friendly and requires prospects to pull and pinch to view your content in mobile views (especially smartphones and tablets), then you risk losing roofing leads and being punished by Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). That’s why your business needs a responsive roofing website easy to use on desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

2nd Sign: Your Roofing Website Takes Too Long to Load

If your roofing website takes more than six seconds to load when prospects land on it, the chances are that you are losing traffic. Nowadays, prospects are impatient; therefore, if your roofing website loads slowly, they will migrate to your competition. Prospects/clients want instant results when they visit your roofing business website.

Several factors may affect your roofing website speed, including sparse coding, file sizes, and your server might be handling too many requests at once. Most of these problems are caused by poor design either by hiring an inexperienced roofing web designer, or your website is outdated.

3rd Sign: Your Current Roofing Website Has a High Bounce Rate

Your roofing website bounce rate (details which you can extract from the Google Analytics reports) refers to the percentage of prospects who navigate away from your site without taking any action.

As a general rule of the thumb, a bounce rate of between 40-50% is regarded a decent rate, as this shows that 50-60% of prospects who visited your site are diving deeper ready to take appropriate action. If your roofing website has a high bounce rate, then it’s high time that you redesign your website.

4th Sign: Your roofing website is Difficult to Navigate

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find crucial information on a roofing website. Your roofing website must concentrate on enhancing its user experience. Our BlackStorm roofing web design team subscribes to “Don’t make me think” model. This implies that when you plan the navigation and design, make sure those prospects get the information they are searching for within a few clicks.

5th Sign: Your Roofing Web design is Outdated

Trends in roofing website design are always dynamic, and in current roofing website designs are cleaner, customer-focused, and complemented with eye-catching, high-quality imagery. Is your roofing website static and narrow? Does it appear cluttered? Are the images and videos of poor quality? Not only are outdated roofing websites boring, but recent studies show that over half of prospects believe that a stunning roofing website speaks much about the legitimacy and credibility of your roofing business.

6th Sign: Your Roofing Brand has outgrown the Existing Design

Your roofing website speaks volumes about your brand personality and identity to potential clients. Make sure that your brand identity is not being stolen by having an outdated roofing website.

Maybe you started as an informational site, but you want to add an e-commerce component. Or maybe your business has grown to the point that your current design cannot accommodate all the information in a user-friendly way. A new roofing website design can help you to showcase your expanding products or services in a way that prospects will be easy to navigate.

7th Sign: Your Lead Capture and Roofing Marketing Methods Are Disjointed

A great roofing website will provide a robust CMS system to store and capture leads as an email marketing feature to collect newsletter signups and send out recurring email marketing campaigns. If you are using various programs for each task, hire a reputable roofing web design agency to create a one-stop roofing website with all those features.

8th Sign: Your Roofing Website is not getting found in Search Engine Results

If your roofing website is not found anywhere near the top of unpaid search results for crucial keywords that your prospects to see your products or services, then you could be missing out on traffic, roofing sales, and lead.

Several factors are involved in ranking your roofing website high in search engine results. These include responsiveness, load time, the volume of fresh content added to your site, and the usability.

What Are Your Next Steps?

Book Your Roofing Website Redesign Today!

At Blackstorm Roofing Marketing, we provide web design services to upgrade your roofing website or create one from scratch. We stand out from other roofing website designers because of the following reasons:

We consider various prospects conversion elements when creating or building your roofing website because the purpose of a website is to convert prospects into actual leads, and you require a stunning design to achieve that.

We optimize your roofing website for SEO as we are creating it. This means that your roofing website will appear on top of search results.

Since we concentrate more on roofing clients, we have researched the best themes that are friendly on WordPress, which help you to add new functions and are mobile-friendly.

Final Thoughts

Redesigning your roofing website can be a considerable undertaking, but to stay ahead of your competitors, it’s crucial to provide your clients with the best possible user experience. At BlackStorm Roofing Marketing, we have helped many roofers like to create stunning, user-centric roofing websites that resonate with their prospects.

If you are searching for roofing website design ideas to beat your competitors, then contact us to book a free 15-Minute Roofing website Redesign Session with Blackstorm Roofing Marketing team today.


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