6 Reasons Why Your Plumbing Business Needs a Well-Designed Logo

What is Plumbing Logo Design and How Can You Use It to Your Business Advantage

Becoming a successful plumbing contractor takes both the right combination of people and problem-solving skills. If you want prospects to trust you with their plumbing projects, you require a strong brand that addresses the two skillsets. Build your brand and establish trust –a plumbing company logo that wipes away the competition.

A good logo design is an important part of any successful plumbing business. This article will help you understand how a great plumbing company logo design can drive sales and impact your business.

You might know that plumbing graphic design is important for creating multiple visual elements, such as business cards, marketing materials, or a logo. But do you know the effect a great plumbing logo design has on your business success?

Without further ado, let us dive in!

Plumbing concept logo

Your company logo, slogan, and name are three main elements that offer your business the identity, whether it is a new plumbing company or an existing one. How will your prospects or clients remember you if your plumbing logo is designed just like that of other plumbers’ logos? How will they identify you? Let’s discuss some crucial reasons why your plumbing business should have a great logo design:

1. Professional Look of Your Plumbing Business

Your plumbing business will appear more professional in your client’s eyes with a properly designed logo than without a logo. Your plumbing company signals an image of professionalism to your clients and attracts new customers. If you make to send a message of professionalism to your clients via your logo, you will complete a huge job.

2. A plumbing Logo Design Creates a Great First Impression of Your Business

Plumbing Logo Design

Yes, your company logo builds the initial impression of your business in the eyes of your clients.

If prospects or clients see your logo on your plumbing website, they can have a good understanding of your plumbing business. This impression is closely associated with what your logo says about your plumbing business.

The initial impression you make on your prospects or clients sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. If you make an excellent first impression, they will be happy to learn more about you and your plumbing services and be open to scheduling service appointments with your company in the future. Make a poor first impression? Let’s say that it will be pretty difficult to reverse the damage.

And what’s the initial thing your prospects and clients are going to see of your plumbing company? What element of your brand is charged with making that great first impression?

That’s right—your plumbing logo design.

If you are doing it properly, the logo on your plumbing website, your marketing collaterals, and your business cards…. It’s everywhere. And if your business wants to nail that first impression, you need to have a great plumbing company logo.

Let’s face it: if you were to go out and meet your clients in person, you won’t head over to the meeting in your pajamas. You probably would put your best foot forward, put on your best suit, and brand yourself in a way that tells your clients you mean business.

3. It Helps to Attract New Clients

Customer Attraction

A professional logo design that is memorable can be an inspiration for property owners to schedule service appointments with your company. If your clients see your logo when walking on the streets, and the logo makes a good initial impression, they will likely remember your brand and come to you when they require plumbing services. Remember that your clients see lots of plumbing logos daily, and if your company sends a great message to them, they will prefer you over the competition.

4. It Helps Clients to Remember You

Company logo’s image can get into people’s minds

Sometimes it is hard to remember names or words. But, your company logo’s image can get into people’s minds, and that image would flashback in their minds when they need your plumbing services. When clients remember your logo, that gives your business a real competitive advantage.

5. Separates Your Plumbing Business from the Competition

Business competition

Your plumbing company logo tells clients why your business is different or unique. No matter the type of plumbing service you sell, you will have lots of other plumbers competing for the same jobs. That’s a reality.

So how can you differentiate your plumbing business from the competition? Well, a professionally designed plumbing company logo can assist you in doing that.

You only have so many opportunities to showcase yourself. A logo represents your plumbing company visually and is an excellent way to leave a good impression and improve your brand identity. A logo design shows your clients that you care about them and wish to be the best in your area.

6. It Separates Amateur Plumbers from the Professionals

Plumber standing near the kitchen sink and showing thumb up

Homeowners want to work with professional plumbers. They want to partner with leaders in the plumbing space. They want to know that the plumber they are doing business with understands what they are doing and will do a great job. And a great logo separates amateurs from professional plumbers.

The first thing prospects will do to determine whether you are the real deal or an amateur is to check out your brand’s presence online, whether it is on your plumbing website or driving past your plumbing company to see your signage or Facebook page.

And what do all these things have in common?

Your logo is placed over all of them.

As we stated earlier, your plumbing company logo is the face of your business and typically the first thing that prospects see when deciding whether you are a plumbing contractor they want to do business with. And in their minds, amateur logo = amateur plumber and vice versa.

When deciding which plumber they want to work with, your prospects and clients want to partner with a plumber they can trust. That’s the difference between working with a qualified plumber and working with an amateur, and you trust the professional plumber to do their job and offer the services you require. And if you wish to establish your company as professional and show your clients you are a plumbing company they can trust-you need an awesome plumbing logo design.

Simple Plumbing Logo Design Tips to Take Your Business to The Next Level

Simple logo design

Whether you are just starting out or just need to refresh, follow our plumbing company logo hacks and tips to assist you in making awesome logos.

Logos are really crucial. They are challenging to design but are a must for any plumbing business and are the foundation of any good brand. You want your plumbing logo to discuss who you are and what you do, why you do it, and how you do it. You will incorporate it into your marketing materials, presentation decks, business cards, and more. That’s a lot of heavy lifting for one graphic to achieve, right?

A good plumbing company logo should:

  • Be timeless
  • Be memorable
  • Include your brand vibe
  • Be eye-catching

Here are our top plumbing logo design tricks and tips:

Plumbing logo design

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

A plumbing logo is a visual representation of your business, so why tell prospects what you do if you could just show them? Use simple icons to show who you are.

Utilize Empty Space to Keep Your Plumbing Logo Design

You want to ensure prospects or clients read your plumbing logo design from a distance, or when it’s small-keeping it clean will help you achieve this. Using blank space in your plumbing logo design is also important for designing brochures, posters, or printing t-shirts and lots of other marketing collateral.

Select Colors Wisely

Team of graphic designers selecting colors

Color is key to your plumbing logo design, and it will determine how your plumbing business is perceived and has the power to influence buying decisions. Color triggers emotions and offers to mean. And when utilized consistently across your plumbing marketing, color improves your brand recognition by more than 80%.

The appropriate colors depend on your target market and plumbing industry. You probably know that specific industries stick with particular colors. For instance, financial institutions like banks tend to utilize blues since the blue color communicates reliability and security.

Select your color(s) based on the feeling you want clients to experience and the specific actions you want them to take. Consider context, trends, culture, and human psychology.

Your plumbing brand color should convey a story, and it should share your values and be unique, not be confused with other plumbers in your area. The most powerful plumbing brands stick to a simple color palette of less than three primary colors.

Pick a Typography That Represents Your Values


The choice of typefaces and how they are arranged is as crucial as the use of graphics, color or graphics, or images in creating a brand and logo. Why? Since people associate the way a word appears with what a word actually says to influence how they feel.

Strong branding evokes an emotional connection. You want your typography to promote trust, strike interest and encourage optimism. Typography provides a way of stirring up such feelings without people noticing them, and it is used to communicate personality and the tone of voice. Select typography that reflects what your plumbing company stands for: whether it is traditional, modern, or elegant.

Make sure your plumbing business name is legible and clear. Think of how your plumbing logo will be used: your logo appears on business cards, letterheads, packaging, and signage just to mention a few, and it should be readable up close and from a distance. And if your plumbing company logo has a graphic element, ensure your typography is in sync with an icon.

Why Hire Blackstorm Design + Marketing for All Your Plumbing Logo Design Needs?

Designer life concept illustration

Your plumbing company logo is the visual foundation of your brand identity. Logo design matters, and you require it! Especially if you want prospects to offer you money and showcase the world about you. When you aggressively invest in your plumber branding, you empower your plumbing business to thrive.

There are many plumbing branding and marketing agencies out there, but there are some unique reasons why you need to work with us for all your plumbing logo design needs:


Creative team illustration

Blackstorm Design + Marketing has employed a pool of talented graphic designers who are passionate about their job. They will take time to understand your business and analyze your target market and competition. They ask you questions to understand your likes and dislikes. Designing an awesome logo is more than making it look aesthetically appealing, and it takes extensive research and proper use of typography, colors, and shape. Our creative graphic designers will brainstorm aggressively until they settle for the best possible solution for your plumbing business.


Consistency icon

Ok, got a great plumbing logo? Now what? Our talented graphic designers will not only create a great logo that positions your plumbing business ahead of the competition, but it can help your brand consistently across multiple platforms that your target market will be utilizing. This will instill a sense of confidence and reliability in your target market.

Let Us Help You Design a Great Plumbing Logo for Your Business Today

Digital Marketing Agency

Creating a unique logo is something that plumbers should treat with much consideration. After all, it will showcase the face of your plumbing company for many years to come. And it is important that it successfully communicates in a straightforward and effective what your plumbing company is all about.

A great plumbing logo design will remain in your target audience’s mind after they have clicked off your site. Clients are likely to return to your plumbing business if it achieves this goal, thus growing your plumbing company.

When it’s time to hire a plumbing logo designer, your designer must have a great grasp of your business, competitors, and the brand message you wish to convey to your target market. At Blackstorm Design + Marketing, our talented, experienced graphic designers understand the importance of branding, and this makes your plumbing logo stand out from other plumbers online.

If you want to obtain a unique plumbing logo for your business, schedule a free discovery call with Blackstorm Design + Marketing to get a great logo that will set your business apart from the competition today.

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