5 Ways to Save Time on Installation with T&S Brass

T&S knows that a quality plumbing installation starts long before the water is turned on. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring our products make installers’ lives easier right from the start.

We use observations from real-world installations to design the products and packaging that will make it easier and faster to install our products in the field.

Here are 3 ways we’re supporting smooth, simple installations, from the moment the box arrives to the time you turn on the valve.

1. Smart packaging

T&S products are packaged with everything you need for installation in one easy-to-unpack box, saving time and unexpected trips to the store for a missing or needed part.

Each product is shrink-wrapped to ensure it arrives undamaged and with all parts unaccounted for.

“When we open up a package, every component we need is shrink-wrapped in that package. It makes it convenient for our installation crews,” said Marcus Harris of Supreme Fixture Company, an Arkansas-based designer and dealer of foodservice equipment.

“Parts tend to walk off or get lost. We just don’t have a lot of those problems with T&S because everything is shrink wrapped together,” he added. “It really means a lot to us in the field.”

2. EasyInstall design

In order to speed installation time and reduce the common frustrations associated with installation, T&S designed some of our most popular product lines to be easier to install.

EasyInstall design is built into almost every pre-rinse unit and concealed widespread faucet we sell.

For pre-rinse units, a “pop and lock” design means the installer can simply push the riser down into the faucet base to “pop” it in using a lock washer and then tighten the bonnet nut to “lock” it in place.

Pre-rinse units also ship partially assembled so there are fewer components to assemble at the job site.

On concealed widespread faucets, a one-piece body design and specialized installation hardware (included with the faucet) speed installation by allowing the installer to work primarily from above, rather than below, the unit.

One-piece bodies have fewer potential leak points, reducing the risk of leaks. And T&S’ EasyInstall design cuts installation time by an average of 50%, saving time and money.

3. Set it and forget it reliability

T&S’ legendary quality and durability mean you can install it and forget it.

Our reliable products are less likely than competitors’ to leak or need maintenance, saving operators money on service calls, replacement parts and operational downtime.

If it doesn’t have T&S on the box, it doesn’t have the industry’s easiest installation inside it. Learn more about how T&S saves time at installation (and beyond) in this full infographic.

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