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5 Signs That Suggest That It’s Time To Hire Knoxville Tree Service Professionals – Tree Service in Knoxville, TN | Smoky Mountain Tree Service

Almost every home across the country has at least one or two trees. Most homeowners’ love using a variety of trees to decorate their yards while at the same time providing ample shade from the scorching sun. Just like humans and other animals, trees also need proper care and maintenance for them to remain beautiful, healthy and strong. Ideally, you should trim your trees at least twice a year. However, if you’ve not trimmed or maintained your trees for quite a while, don’t worry because it’s not too late. In case you’re not sure of when you need to hire a tree service professional in Knoxville, Tn, here is a list of five signs that suggest that it’s time to hire Knoxville Tree Service contractors.

1. Long Tree Branches

When you notice that your tree branches are too long, then it’s time to prune your trees. A sure sign is having low hanging tree branches that may prevent you from walking or sitting under the tree. These low lying tree branches can be trimmed to offer you enough shade space under your tree. The tree branches may also stretch out too wide to the extent of touching your house, garage, electric wires or cables. In such scenarios, it’s vital that you get your trees trimmed before they cause severe damages to your property. Don’t wait until a strong wind or storm bring s about extensive damage to your car, home or even both of them. Contact Smoky Mountain Tree Service providers to do the pruning for you.

2. Oddly shaped trees

If you notice your trees have started taking weird shapes, it’s time to contact Knoxville Tree Service professionals to shape them up for you. You may realize some of your trees have started looking lopsided, leaning on one side or even developing several branches in one area while leaving other areas without branches. Smoky Mountain Tree Service providers can help your tree develop healthy branches which will restore its original shape. You should also contact our professionals if your tree is broken, or you notice that one or more trees have started developing cracks. Cracked and broken trees need professional attention to prevent permanent damage.

3. Dead Branches

If your tree has broken or dead branches, it’s important to have them removed. If left unattended to, these branches can result in insect infestations, diseases, or even rot in your tree stems. Infestations, Disease, and rot can spread to other areas of the tree very fast, which can result to complete destruction of the tree. Moreover, diseases can also extend to other trees in your home if not well maintained. If the whole tree is dry, you’ll have to do away with the tree from your home.

4. No Sun Rays Though the Tree Branches

While trees are important because of the shade they provide, especially during hot summer days, your trees should have some little light rays penetrating through the canopy of the tree. A good tree should allow quite a number of sun rays through the branches. If your trees don’t allow any light rays through them, then it’s time to prune your tree. Pruning will not only keep your tree healthy but also ensure that it receives enough air and sunlight for proper growth. Sun rays are also essential for the growth of any vegetation below the tree. Contact Us, and let’s do the pruning for you.

5. Hazardous Location

The growth pattern your trees may endanger your home and property. If you notice tree branches are touching your house walls or garage, it’s time to contact Knoxville Tree Service providers and let them trim the trees for you. Letting your tree branches touch the siding could stimulate the growth of molds on your walls. The long branches could also scratch the paint from the walls or even damage the windows or the car. Your tree is growing into power lines is also a blatant example of when you need to hire a tree removal service.

The signs outlined above will give you an idea of when your trees need professional care to keep them strong and healthy. If you’re still not sure of when you need tree care services, contact Smoky Mountain Tree Service and let us visit your home and take a look at your trees. We will advise you on the kind of tree services you require to keep them neat and healthy. Well provide you with free quotes and the timeframe needed to fix the problems.

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