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5 Reasons to Have That Stump Removed – Tree Service in Knoxville, TN | Smoky Mountain Tree Service

Have you had your work hindered by a tree stump, whether visible or hidden? Stumps can be a nuisance when left in your garden or lawn. They stand in the way and damage your tools if you happen to hit them unexpectedly. They’re also dangerous, causing tripping or even encouraging pests to breed.

A professional company lets you choose whether your cut tree is removed entirely or not. With their stump grinding equipment, they will eliminate the remains, leaving your garden or lawn free of obstacles. Here are five reasons to have that tree stump removed.

Stumps Are an Eyesore

Having a stump around makes your home look unattractive. You may have flowers and beautiful grass all over, but the ugly stump will always take away all that beauty. It becomes worse when it starts to decay. Or, if it starts to grow shoots and look out of place.

Stumps Hinder Various Activities

Whether planting new trees, flowers or mowing your lawn, a stump will always make the work difficult. If it came from a huge tree, the roots could make digging near it difficult. When mowing, you find that you have to take extreme care and stay clear of the stump to avoid damaging the mower. It’s not only inconvenient, but you also end up taking longer to complete your tasks.

Stumps Can Be Breeding Places for Pests

When the stump finally decays, it becomes a habitat for pests. The pests can be of many types, from termites, ants to beetles. Should the decaying stump happen to be near your home, you may experience a pest invasion. Dangerous and hard-to-control pests such as termites would become your friends. And that’s for as long as the stump remains. The only option to stop the pest infestation in such a situation would be hire stump removal services.

Stumps Can Grow Into New Trees

Some stumps will grow shoots which rapidly develop into new trees. Now, when this happens, you may incur extra costs in several ways. You may have to hire someone to cut the shoots off or even remove the stump. You may also decide to use chemicals to kill off the sprouts. Doing so would cost you money or end up destroying nearby plants.

Stumps Present a Trip Hazard

A stump or stumps around your home can be dangerous obstacles. You children, guests, or neighbors can be tripped by them, resulting in bad accidents. During poor lighting such as at night, the stumps can be utterly dangerous. The only way to ensure the area around your home is safe for everyone would be to remove all stumps.

Tree stumps are not only unsightly but can also be dangerous. They make your beautiful garden or lawn look ugly and uncared for. They can break your tools or cause people to trip and get badly hurt. They can also be home to pests that may eventually find way into your home.

With professional stump grinding services, you can have any stump removed. It’s worth it, considering some stumps can be hard to get out, while others keep sprouting new shoots.

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