4 Reasons to Keep Calm and Press On

Currently, nearly everything on the internet is about COVID-19. However, in this article, we will take a practical approach to this issue that has brought tension to many clients.

Look how fast various media outlets have spread fear across the USA and the world at large. Nearly everyone has felt some degree of anxiety or even panic as a result. While there is some reason to be concerned, eventually, this will go away just as all pandemics do, and life will go on.

The sad truth is that your clients may not always show rational behavior during times of stress, and may make fear-based, irrational decisions. In times of uncertainty, this is certainly reasonable.

We, however, want to help you not just keep your business open, but thriving, while also ensuring your clients remain happy. As such, the theme of this article, ‘Keep Calm and Press On,’ will focus on how to keep your clients and protect them from making irrational, fear-based decisions. Here are a few reasons why you should keep your calm and persevere.

Reason 1) This COVID-19 Epidemic Will End

We can almost guarantee that there will be non-medical damages as a result of COVID-19. But it will end, and it is not a matter of if, but when. It is best to stay optimistic about that reality.

The good news here that COVID-19 appears to be a moderately slow-mutator that makes it more vulnerable to death by treatment or lack of a host. Moreover, the quarantine mandates across the globe should effectively stop the rapid spread of the virus until researchers identify a vaccine to prevent it. The Spanish Flu was a rapid-mutator, which helped it spread rapidly, and it affected 500 million individuals globally, killing between 50 and 100 million individuals.

Where will both you and your clients be once it is all over? Life will undoubtedly go on after the coronavirus, and businesses will open again. But what will the “new normal” be, only time will tell.

Reason 2) Online businesses and marketing will be the next big thing!

Online business trends are rapidly rising, from healthcare visits to restaurant orders and even school. While many businesses already have an online presence, it is reasonable to believe that this trend will continue. The viral cases have not yet peaked, and many are being asked to work from home. The structure of the workplace may change, and staying at or working from home may be the preferred way of life for many.

Amazon, for example, has perfected its 1-day shipping option, and they will likely progress to a ‘1-hour’ shipping time when they deploy drone delivery options. As a result, online shopping will increase even more than it already has, and the brick and mortar physical stores will close.

For businesses that had formerly had a physical location, but found it necessary to close down, this should serve as an indicator to promote your online presence. Establishing your brand online for the future of your business should be your priority.

Reason 3) ACT NOW! Now is the time to gain a competitive edge.

In the last few weeks, ISPs have found it challenging to handle internet consumption demand. “Social distancing” has significantly increased the demand for digital content in the workplace, business, and schools. With parents and children now at home trying to remain preoccupied, digital streaming companies, such as Netflix, are also struggling to satisfy the demand for their services, with more individuals subscribing than ever before.

Many people are either working from home or are quarantined at home. People are spending much of their time on the internet and social media platforms, which makes it an excellent time to improve your social media strategy. It is a great time to make your company visible to clients for the time that they do need your services.

Businesses should focus on improving their SEO practices. Your competition will exploit even your momentary absence. Once everything is back to normal, the top-ranking websites will get their traffic back and continue ranking competitively.

It is possible, however, that the number of competitors could decrease during this COVID pandemic. Many businesses may be hesitant to put money towards marketing as a way to conserve costs. There is no better time than the present to establish your brand and get ahead of the competition, while others are being cautious.

Reason 4) We Always Bounce Back!

As we have seen throughout our history, pandemics come and go; and the world will go on. The world has previously faced and overcome deadlier pandemics, albeit lacking global communication and having significantly fewer medical advancements.

Unfortunately, the world has faced and learned from many of these tragedies and pandemics. The good news is that when they have run their course, the economic upswing is often drastic and prosperous.

In life and business, there are always ups and downs, joys and sorrows, and highs and lows. Business-minded people will make the most of these times and will be bold when others are timid.

Will you be among those who gain a competitive edge?


These upcoming months are a great opportunity to not only expand your online presence but gain the confidence of your clients. If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity, your competitors will. Remain calm and take a proactive approach. This, too, shall pass!

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