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– 3 Ways Summer Heat Can Affect Your Roof

3 Ways Summer Heat Can Affect Your Roof

Extreme summer heat can damage your roof, especially if it’s older. This is why roof inspections and repair during the Texas summer months are so important in the DFW area.

There is really no guarantee when it comes to the uncertainty of weather in Texas. However, there are steps you can take to make sure your roof is thoroughly prepared in the summer so it can withstand 100°+ temperatures, prevent leaks, and protect your home from future damage.

1. Roofing Degradation

Extended exposure to direct sunlight can compromise your roofing material. Older roofs are more likely to experience damage from the sun. Asphalt shingles may peel, buckle, or erode. This leaves the wood surface underneath exposed to the sun and rain, which may experience water damage. Consider replacing your roof before summer if it’s been up for more than 8 years.

2. Water Damage From Humidity

Hot, humid air can contribute to roof damage. Condensation can settle beneath the shingles, which can likely result in water damage or leaks in your roof. Weather-proofing materials and maintenance can help prevent this problem.

3. Thermal Shock

Thermal shock is more likely to occur in the summer. Roofing structures tend to expand in the heat and contract as the temperature decreases in the evening. Constant contraction and expansion can put a physical strain on your roof, decreasing its lifespan. Older roofs (8+ years) are more prone to splitting and cracking in warmer weather.

Get a Property Inspection

It’s a good idea to schedule a property inspection routinely to prevent roofing issues. Roofs that have been installed for more than 8 years need to be inspected yearly as the materials start to wear faster with age. We’ll inspect your property for free.

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