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Which Weight Loss Surgery Is Right For You?

More people than ever are now looking towards bariatric surgery to treat their obesity problems. But with the number of surgical options available, which all produce substantial and sustained weight loss, it can sometimes be difficult to know which one would best suit your individual needs.

So how do you decide which bariatric surgery would be best for you? Well, the first thing you will need to do is to arrange a consultation with your chosen bariatric surgeon. At your consultation the bariatric surgeon will offer advice based on your medical requirements and your current state of health. Many factors will be taken into account before your bariatric surgeon offers you this advice, including your body mass index, any current health issues you may be experiencing, your eating habits, and any previous surgeries you may have had.

Once your bariatric surgeon has established these facts, he/she will then move the conversation towards your weight loss goals and how quickly you would like to achieve them. They will explain in detail the possible risks of each medical procedure and the benefits which are to be gained from them.

After talking you through the various bariatric surgery options that are available to you, your surgeon will give you some ballpark figures regarding price, financing if necessary, and insurance policy coverage for this type of medical procedure.

However, if you have already done some research and are interested in the two main types of bariatric surgery, and would like to know more about the procedure, the benefits, and the risks before you make an appointment for a consultation with your bariatric surgeon, then read on. We go into more detail about the two major bariatric surgical procedures in this post.

What is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery combines both the approaches of malabsorptive and restrictive surgical procedures. During the procedure, your surgeon will divide your stomach into two separate parts, sealing off the upper part from the lower part. Once this is complete, your surgeon will then join the upper part of your stomach to the lower part of your small intestine. Essentially, the procedure is creating a shortcut for your food by bypassing the lower section of your stomach and your small intestine. By reducing this section of your digestive tract, your body absorbs fewer calories.

Benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery

After undergoing gastric bypass surgery, you will experience very quick weight loss during the first six months. The weight loss may taper off after that period, but many people continue to lose weight for up to two years after the procedure. Due to this very quick weight loss, many obesity-related conditions such as hypertension, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, and even diabetes actually get much better. Gastric bypass surgery is also known for its lasting long-term results, with studies finding that many people continue to have healthy body weight for ten years or longer.

Is Gastric Bypass Surgery for Me?

One of the primary advantages of gastric bypass surgery compared to other types of bariatric procedures, is that it has slightly better results in terms of achieving rapid weight loss.
Medical studies show that gastric bypass surgery is also incredibly effective in treating acid reflux disorders and diabetes. Patients who have had this surgery can also expect to have a considerably longer life expectancy and a better general quality of life than people who experience forms of obesity and don’t have bariatric surgery.

What is Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery?

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery is another type of restrictive weight loss surgery that is not entirely unlike gastric bypass surgery. The surgery entails your surgeon removing about 75% to 80% of your stomach, transforming the part that remains into a long tube that is connected directly to your intestines. For some patients, a sleeve gastrectomy procedure is the first step in a number of weight-loss surgeries, but for many, it will be the only type of bariatric surgery they will ever require.

Benefits of Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

For patients who are suffering from obesity, combined with generally poor health, gastric bypass surgery is often considered too risky. For patients in this situation, sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a safer alternative. The procedure still offers great weight loss results, but the effects are typically slower than those realized by the slightly riskier gastric bypass surgery.

If required, a patient who has undergone sleeve gastrectomy surgery, lost weight and has benefited from improved health may have second bypass surgery. Generally, though, a patient will have to wait 12 to 18 months before such a procedure. With a sleeve gastrectomy, the way your body absorbs food isn’t affected, so you are less likely to suffer from nutrient deficiencies.

Is Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery for me?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a procedure that is recommended for people who have lower long-term weight loss goals than people who have been advised to undergo gastric bypass surgery. The procedure is also suitable for people that need to take anti-inflammatory medications and steroids on a regular basis. So if you think you would prefer a surgery that doesn’t affect your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, and you take the above-mentioned medications, a sleeve gastrectomy surgery could well be the right choice of weight loss surgery for you.

One other thing that you will need to keep in mind is that the weight loss process with a gastric sleeve is slower than other surgeries such as a gastric bypass. After this procedure, you will need to be committed to following a strict diet and exercise plan.

Would You Like More Information About Weight Loss Surgery?

The Murfreesboro Weight Loss Surgery Center is a leading provider of weight loss surgery in Tennessee. All of our procedures are performed by experienced bariatric surgeons who have undergone intensive specialist training in their field.

At the Murfreesboro Weight Loss Surgery Center, Dr. Westmoreland and his multidisciplinary team will work to provide you with the best in weight loss surgery and aftercare.

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