From The Desk of Dr. Amanda Myers

When I was in elementary school our fall fundraiser was called, “Steppin’ Into Fall.” This was back in the wonderful nineties when line-dancing was all the rage. We danced to Achy Breaky Heart, Boot Scootin’ Boogie, and the Electric Slide. The zeal our gym teacher had for physical activity was contagious and we had such a great time making her proud while raising money for our little school. I think about that fundraiser every time the weather starts to show promise that the summer heat is about to come to an end.

As you are steppin’ into fall, what is it that you are stepping towards? Perhaps you have a daily step goal or you have decided that you will intentionally walk a certain distance each day. Perhaps you are stepping towards daily movement. As you are steppin’ into fall, what are you stepping away from?

Perhaps you’ve realized that with the fall weather comes the binge-worthy holidays and you’ve decided to intentionally track your protein and carbs. Perhaps you are stepping away from mindless eating.

As you are steppin’ into fall, what are you stepping up to?

Perhaps you’ve been experiencing a challenge in your emotions or relationships and you’ve made the decision to address the distress or incongruence between your thoughts and actions. Perhaps you are stepping up to be a more authentic, honest person who shows up.

We are all stepping towards, stepping away, or stepping up to something. As you notice the changes in weather and storefronts, allow these changes to encourage you to continue with the steps you are longing to take in your health journey. Freedom from obesity, that’s the goal. May we all step towards it AND step up to it; may we step away from the things that keep us from freedom.

In courage,

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