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⭐What Does Roof Inspector Look For?

importance of roof inspections

What to Look for and When to Contact An Expert

Too many of us take our roofing without any consideration — it is not anything we think about unless there’s an issue. But when your home’s the very first line of shield from the elements, your roof experiences plenty of deterioration, so it is essential to execute an annual visual evaluation as part of your house upkeep schedule. By giving your roof a concise evaluation, little difficulties won’t bring about large catastrophes. Here’s a simple list to determine in case your roof is in good shape.


Examining your roof does not necessarily mean walking above the roof. Roof walking is hazardous and best left for the professional. So firstly, keep away from the rooftop! From the ground’s safety or using a window, perform a visual evaluation on the roof with binoculars. Remember: Roof were created to grow older over time. Also, a one-year-old roof will look different than a roof that was just mounted. But by inspecting your roof regularly, you may locate alterations and potential issues. Look for shingles lacking or loosened or reveal indications of heavy wear or degradation (bald spots, granule damage, or severe curling) because they are believed weak points where water can enter and trigger water leaks. Though it may be expected for asphalt shingles to have some curling, significant or unusual curling are signals that the shingles are getting to the conclusion with their useful life.

Obtaining A Close Look

After having a preliminary evaluation from your ground, a closer look may be required. Securely climb up a ladder to get much closer, take a look at the roof. But keep away from the roof itself — not only would it be hazardous to walk above the rooftop, but you can also potentially do far more harm to the shingles.


After analyzing the roof externally, it is time to examine issues through the inside. Equipped with a flashlight, inspect the attic space and crawl spots after heavy rains. Would you discover any indications of water damage? Are some of the rafters or decking wet? Have some of the insulating material gotten wet? These are generally all signals that the rooftop may have a leakage.

Obtain The RIGHT Assistance

If you notice any damage, never spend time and effort trying to fix the problem on your own. Employ a credentialed professional to examine your roof and maintenance the issue appropriately. Many will achieve this free of charge to you personally. For suggestions and data about getting a roof inspection contractor, take a look at our step-by-step manual.

Looking at your roof now is an easy means of avoiding catastrophe later – check your roof at least one time a year, if at all possible two times, to maintain your house pleased and healthy! To learn more about the life cycle of your rooftop, take a look at our homeowner’s brochure. Should you need a new roof, you may check out a world of design and color options by looking at our Motivation Collection. Contact us for more information!

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