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⭐Roof Color For Any Red Brick House

The way to improve your home’s external design and curb appeal when having a new roof?


Red Brick Challenge

Homeowner Concern: I very own a home with red brick in the entrance and clay-colored siding on the outside. I currently have a nondescript muted brownish-colored roof, but I’m thinking about transforming my roof coloration to something lighter and more colorful.


How do you handle the red brick inside the external surfaces design if I modify my roof coloration?


Solution: With regards to your red brick, can you love, dislike, or have zero judgment regarding it? This is actually the initial concern we ask clients when they have a sizable pre-existing element which will influence the rest of a design, for example your red brick and clay-colored siding. If you love it or truly feel fairly neutral regarding it, that should stay, and the remainder of the external surfaces should synchronize and coexist with it.

Should you stick with the red brick, then you’ll either wish to choose a roof color that may be fairly neutral and lets the color of the brick stick out,, or double-down on the warmth of the reds and oranges and pick a roof color which has similar tones.

If you’re fed up with red brick (and clay-colored siding), then don’t attempt to synchronize all of your external surfaces layout with one thing you dislike. If you can alter the brick or siding colors now or later on, then my suggestion is usually to choose a new roof color which will appear great with the present outside design but will also look wonderful if you make slight modifications to your outside elements (for example painting the red brick or swapping it with natural stone).

If you’re planning on building a drastic change to your outside layout, nevertheless, then you definitely wish to pick your brand new roof color based on the future layout. It could be a experience getting there as you have the continuous modifications of the design elements, but you’ll end up getting the home outside look that you truly want and love—including the roof.

We might advise deciding on a roof color that may be darker and neutral, for example Black Sable, or contrasting and cool, for example Pacific Wave. I feel both roof shingle colors look wonderful with red brick but in addition complement a variety of other outside colors if you decide to change the red brick (or clay-colored siding) at some point.

Bare in mind, the last color option for your homes roof is yours, so pick one that speaks to you.

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